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What is QR Visitor Log?

BMO visitor registration QR code scanning solution is created to help all SMEs, small businesses, entrepreneurs, and the general public to prepare for situations such as MCO by keeping track of visitor entry records to meet the SOP recommended by KKM and MITI. A quick way of filling out the form. Scan QR Code and fill in the form, it’s that easy!
Another QR Code will be provided for immediate access to relevant reports.

For Activation:

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Inclusive Setup


Data Retain 2 Months

BMO QR Visitor Log Setup Demo

qr visitor log demo

qr visitor log demo

qr visitor log demo

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Simple Usage Steps

  • Register your business QR code by clicking HERE
  • Print your business QR code & place it at your premise entrance
  • Walk-ins scan the QR code by using their mobile devices and fill in the info and insert their body temperature

BMO Visitor Log Info

  • Visitor’s Name
  • Visitor’s IC
  • Visitor’s Contact
  • Visitor’s Address
  • Visitor’s Email
  • Visitor’s Gender
  • Visitor’s Body Temperature
  • Location Visited
  • Date of Visit
  • Time of Visit

qr visitor log info

qr visitor log sellers business owners feature

Digital Visitor Check-in System

A quick and safe way of retrieving your customer’s details. Your customers just need to scan the QR Code and fill-up the form, it’s that easy!

Visitor Registration Log Report

Business owners can scan the QR Code to access digital visitor registration log reports immediately without hassle and export customer data. This eases your responsibility to submit reports to authorities at any time when required.

qr visitor log sellers report visitor digital name list

qr visitor log feature suitable general store fnb mall

Suitable For Multiple Industry

Our Digital QR Visitor Log Software is designed for multiple industries small businesses in Malaysia to adapt to situations that require an efficient way to handle customer check-in. QR Visitor Log is Suitable for:

  • Restaurants
  • Retail Shops
  • Service Centers
  • Workshops