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Thermal Barcode Printer Installation

Various thermal barcode printer can be used with any Windows operated system including BMO point of sales software.

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How to Install TSC TDP-245 Thermal Barcode Printer Driver

1. First, go to POS Market Download Page and download the driver.

2. Unzip the driver you have downloaded and you will see the files below. Double click on TSC_7.1.4_M-2.exe and start installing the driver.

Illustration 1: Start Installation

3. Make sure you have selected to Accept the Terms. Click Next from Illustration 2 until Illustration 3.

Illustration 2: Accept Terms
Illustration 3: Choose installation directory

4. Click Finish to start running Driver Wizard.

Illustration 4: Run Driver Wizard

5. Select Install Printer Drivers if this is a fresh install and click Next.

Illustration 5: Install Printer Driver

6. Make sure Xprinter XP-320B and click Next

Illustration 6: Choose Barcode Printer Model

7. Continue to click Next. The default serial port setting should be as shown below.

Illustration 7: Port Setting

8. Choose the printer name as you required. If you do share out the printer, please select the Share Name radio button and key in the desired name which will appear in the shared network.

Illustration 8: Printer Name

9. Click Finish to complete the Thermal Barcode Printer driver installation.

Illustration 9: Complete Barcode Printer Driver Install
Illustration 10: Complete Barcode Printer Driver Install

10. Click Close

Illustration 11: Complete Barcode Printer Driver Install

How to Configure Barcode Printer Driver

After installing the driver, you will need to set your Printing Preferences and Printer Properties.

1. Go to the Start button located on the bottom left of your desktop screen. Click on Control Panel, then Hardware and Sound. Right click on the newly installed printer and select Printing Preferences.

Illustration 1: POS Client Setting

2. Click on Edit.

Illustration 1: POS Client Setting

3. The interface for 'Edit Stock' will appear. Set the Name, ID, Label Size and Exposed Liner Width.

Illustration 1: POS Client Setting

4. For other barcode sizes, go to Page Setup again and repeat step 1, 2 and 3.

Illustration 1: POS Client Setting

5. Go to Hardware and Sound, right click on the specific printer and select Printer Properties.

Illustration 1: POS Client Setting

6. Under General Tab, you are able to Test Print by clicking on Print Test Page.

Illustration 1: POS Client Setting

How to Configure Barcode Printer Driver

Installing the driver is only half of the setup procedure. You need to configure your POS Client so you can use the thermal barcode printer. Below is a few steps to configure your POS Client.

1. First, login to your POS Client Settings window.

Illustration 1: Login To POS Clinet

2. Then, select printer tab and press the button on "..." button on the same line of Barcode Printer.

Illustration 2: POS Client Setting for Printer

3. After selecting the Barcode Printer, click Apply, then click Print.

Illustration 3: Browse for Barcode Printer

4. Click Save to apply your settings.

Illustration 4: Save Settings

5. Initial Sync will begin. Click OK to proceed.

Illustration 5: Start Install

6. After you have downloaded the new settings, click OK to complete the configuration. At this point, you may restart your BMO POS Client.

Illustration 6: Start Install

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