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Installation of USB Stand Display


If you are using POS terminal stand display, then you must choose the right model and install its driver. Below are some of the models, steps to driver downloading and configuration for two stand display.


Following are the models listed on the POS Market Download Page.

Pos Display Model VFC-850-A
Partnertech CD7220-UN Stand Display
Rocentech Pole Display
OCOM POS Display

Illustration 1:Various models of POS stand display

Download the drivers from

1. Go to POS Market Download Page. Click Downloads on top menu bar.

Then, look for the correct model and click on Download under Action column to download.

Illustration 1:Select POS Display model

Two USB Stand Display

The guide below explains on how to configure the POS system settings for two USB Stand Display. The POS display models used here are POS Display Model VFC-850-A and Customer Display VFD220.

1. Install drivers for two stand display. (Refer to sample installation steps under section Function>Stand Display).

2. Make sure they are connected to PC.

3. Go to Start > Control Panel > Performance and Maintenance > Administrative Tools > Computer Management. On the left pane, click on Device Manager.

Illustration 1: Click Device Manager

4. We need port number now for each stand display. On right pane, click on Ports (COM & LPT). For model VFD220, Prolific USB-to-Serial Comm Port will appear. Port number is bracketed. E.g. COM3. For model VFC-850-A, look for Silicon Laboratories CP210x. Remember both port numbers.

Illustration 2: Set Ports

5. Now, open your Setting window.

Illustration 2: Configure POS Client

6. After successfully logged in, click on Display tab. Enable both stand display. Choose the right port numbers for each display. Choose their baud rates. Standard rate would be 9600.

*If there are two same port numbers, choose either one.

Illustration 3: Configure POS Display

7. Click Apply and close application. Re-login.

8. Welcome. Next Customer (based on what is entered on Line 1 and Line 2) should be displayed after logging in. Else please close your application and remove stand display USB cables. Reconnect them then re-login.

Partnertech CD7220-UN Stand Display

1. Go to Pos Market home page or click the link POS Market Home Page In the Pos Market home page, click in 'Downloads' section.

Illustration 1: POS Market Home Page

2. Select and download the 'Partnertech CD7220-UN Stand Display' device driver that suit your pc.

Illustration 2: Download 'Partnertech CD7220-UN Stand Display' Driver

3. After download the driver, locate the 'Partnertech_CD7220UNInstaller_Win7_Win8' file. Right-click and select 'Extract Here' to extract the stand display driver file.

Illustration 3: Extract Partnertech Driver File

4. Double-click the driver that you extract just now.

Illustration 4: Double-click Driver

5. A message box will pop out. Make sure you have plug in the CD7220-UN stand display. Click 'OK' to dismiss the message.

Illustration 5: Plug in CD7220-UN Stand Display Now

6. A window security box will pop out. Click 'Install' to confirm install the Partnertech driver.

Illustration 6: Install Partnertech Driver

7. In the CD7220UN Driver Installer box, select 'Install Simulation Port USB Driver' under Driver x86 if your pc type is 32-bit operating system.

Illustration 7: Partnertech Driver for 32-bit Operating System Setting

8. Select 'Install Simulation Port USB Driver' under Driver x64 if your pc type is 64-bit operating system.

Illustration 8: Partnertech Driver for 64-bit Operating System Setting

9. Click 'Execute' to apply.

Illustration 9: Click 'Execute'

10. COM Port USB Driver is in the installing process now.

Illustration 10: Installing COM Port USB Driver

11. After a while, a message box will pop out and show that driver installation is completed. Click 'OK' to dismiss the message.

Illustration 11: Install Complete

12. Click 'Exit' to dismiss the installer box.

Illustration 12: Click 'Exit'

13. 13. Then, go to Computer. Right-click and select 'Manage'.

Illustration 13: Select 'Manage'

14. In the Computer Management section, select 'Device Manager'.

Illustration 14: Select 'Device Manager'

15. Click the expand button beside 'Ports (COM & LPT)'.

Illustration 15: Click Expand Button

16. CD7220 Communications Port (COM10) driver is installed now. Click to view the port properties.

Illustration 16: COM10 Installed

17. Check whether the device is working properly.

Illustration 17: Device Status

18. Bits per second for the port is 9600. You can set it as Baud in POS Client setting.

Illustration 18: Ports Setting

Now, you may go to POS Client Setting to setup the stand display.

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