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Installation of .NET Framework


Why .NET Framework

To run and use BMO's Offline POS Terminal, you require .NET Framework to be installed in your computer system. We are using .NET Framework as our development platform because the package allows our Offline POS Terminal to access BMO database, online web services and various communication tools in safe, orderly manner. In return, this will provide a smoother user experience with BMO POS Terminal and avoid unnecessary software deployment conflicts.

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Download from Microsoft

1. Go to POS Market Download Page. Under POS Drivers, choose Microsoft .NET Framework 4 (Web Installer) and click "Visit Website". Alternatively you can go to .NET Framework website.

Illustration 1:Click on Visit Website

2. Click Download.

Illustration 2:Click on Download

3. If you were to asked to download Microsoft® Windows® Malicious Software Removal Tool, choose No thanks and continue.

Illustration 3: Click on No Thanks and Continue

Installation Process

The pictures are shown below to guide you on how to install .NET Framework 4.

Click Run, then it will proceed to the next step. Select I have and accept the license terms and click Install. Once it has been completely installed, click Finish.

Illustration 1: .NET Framework installation
Illustration 2: .NET Framework setup
Illustration 3: .NET Framework installation complete

At this stage, the .NET Framework installation is complete.


You may continue with installing SQLite Framework for the system to work. Please refer to How to Install SQLite Framework.