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Item Options

Why and How do We Use Item Options?

In POS Market's Point of Sales System, you can include options for (products,food or drinks) items. Options can be predetermined when the item is inserted into the BMO POS System. This feature help to ease the process of ordering when items are available in few options.

For example in a restaurant, your customer may want to order beverage with less ice or less sugar. This "item option" feature will easily convey the order to the drinks or bar counter in a click of a button.


How to Create Item Options for Offline POS Terminal

How to Create Item Option for Boutique Item

1. First, log in to the POS Terminal.

Illustration 1: POS Terminal login

2. Assume that you have the item in the inventory. Now, click on the "Inventory" and go to "Inventory List" as show in the screenshot below.

Illustration 2: Go to Inventory List

3. Next, click on the "Item Setup" and go to "Item Options".

Illustration 3: Item Options

4. After that, an "Item Option" window will be displayed. Click on the "New" button to create new item option.

Illustration 4: Item Options Window

5. Next, add the text description and price in the "Option" and "Price" fields respectively. In this case, "Add Egg" is used and price is set to RM1 additonal charged.

Click "Save" when you are done.

Illustration 5: Set Item Options and additional charge

6. After clicking on the "Save" button, an alert box with "New group saved" will be prompted. Click "Ok" to proceed.

Illustration 6: Set Item Options and additional charge

7. Next, you can see there is a new row displayed with newly added group. Close the window to proceed to the next step.

Illustration 7: Options added

8. Select an item and click on Edit to edit for the item.

Illustration 8: Edit Item

9. Click on the "Options" tab as displayed in the image. The "Available Options" is currently empty.

Illustration 9: Options

10. Click on the "Available Option" list box to select the item option created. After that, click on the "Insert" button.

Illustration 10: Insert Option

11. An alert box with "Option added" will be prompted. Click "Ok".

Illustration 11: Option Added Message

12. A new option is added as shown in the image below.

Illustration 12: Options Added

13. With the newly added option, return to your POS Client main interface and you can try to select your item again.

Illustration 13: Select Item

14. An "Item Options" will be prompted as shown in the image below. Then, click on the item option which is displayed at the bottom panel.

Illustration 14: Select options

15. Then, an item option will be added to the top panel. Select an option and click on the "Update" button to apply the changes made.

Illustration 15: Update options to your item

16. The "Option" will be added for the item as shown in the image below.

Illustration 16: Item Option Added

17. If you would like to remove the option, click on the "Option" column as shown below.

Illustration 17: Remove

18. Select an option, click "Delete" and "Update" to remove.

Illustration 18: Update Remove

19. The price of the item will be changed back to the amount without option.

Illustration 19: Removed

20. Please refer to How to Make Cash Transactions for more details.

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