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Credit Limit

A point of sales credit limit refers to the maximum amount of debt transaction which the customer is allowed to make. In BMO POS System, you can determine and control every single customer's credit limit. When the customer debt has reached the credit limit, they will not be able to make further purchases until they have cleared their debt from the system.


Assign Credit Limit

1. Login to your POS Client.

Illustration 1: POS Terminal login

2. To assign credit limit to a customer, go to the contact list.

Illustration 2: Click "Contact" and "Contact List" to go to view contact list

3. The details of customers will be shown in the customer list, select customer and click "Edit" to view customer credits.

Illustration 3: Selecting customer and click "Edit"

4. After go in to edit, go to Credits section to edit credit limit and click "Update" to apply.

Illustration 4: Click "Update" to save the changes to customer details

The "Current Credit" is the total amount of debt for the customer and the credit limit is displayed below. You can set the credit limit for the customer by entering an amount or "-1" for unlimited.

5. Finally, when you try to make transactions for a customer and the credit amount exceeds the limit, an alert message will be shown.

Illustration 5: Alert message pops out whenever a customer tries to make an order exceeding its credit limit

Check Credit Limit

In BMO POS System, you can check the credit limit of the customer from the "Transaction" page after selecting the customer at the contact field. The credit limit details will then be shown.

Illustration 1: A message to show credit limit

You can also check the credit limit details from the "Contact List". After selecting the customer's name, click "Edit" and go to "Credits" section, the details of credit limit will shown.

Illustration 2: View Contact List
Illustration 3: View Customer Credit Limit
Illustration 4: Highlighted area shows the customer's credit limit details

Adjust Prepaid Credit Balance

1. Go to "Credits" section in editing customer's details, click "Prepaid Credit History"

Illustration 1: Prepaid Credit History

2. User may adjust the "Current Balance" by doing Add, Deduct, and Resit Credit.

Illustration 2: Adjust Current Balance

3. A message will shown as the adjustment success, click "OK".

Illustration 3: Successfully Adjust