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Contact Database


Customer information is a valuable asset for a company. Keeping customer names, emails, mailing addresses and phone numbers in an organised manner will be useful as you can promote your company by sending promotional materials, discount vouchers, email newsletters and so on.

In BMO Offline POS System, you can save the details of your customers. This function will help you to keep a record of your regular customers and their transactions. You can also perform debt transactions and provide member price for selected items by inserting the customer's name during the transaction.

Save Contact

1. Login to your POS Client.

Illustration 1: POS Terminal login

2. To save a new contact to the database, you will need to click "Contact" and select "New Contact".

Illustration 2: Click "Contact" and "New Contact" to add new contact

3. Enter the new contact details and click "Save as new contact" to save the contact.

Illustration 3: Click "Save as new contact" to create contact

4. A confirmation will displayed, click "OK" to create the new contact.

Illustration 4: Click "OK" to create the contact
Illustration 5: This pop up indicates new contact has been successfully added

5. The new customer saved will be shown in the list as shown below.

Illustration 6: Go to contact list to view customer list
Illustration 7: New customer's details are shown on the list

Identify Customers

1. After you have saved the details of your customer, you can search and insert customer's name during transaction.

To choose the customer at the transaction page, you can either click on the drop down button to list to select the customer or click on the "Contacts" button.

If you choose to click the drop down button, the list of all customers which are saved will be listed.

Illustration 1: Search a customer by clicking the drop down button

2. By using the contact button function, user need to click the "Contacts" button.

Illustration 2: "Contacts" button

3. A "Search Customer" window will be prompted. Click "Search" button to show customer list.

You can search for the contacts using the filters provided. For example:

  • Name
  • Phone No
  • Customer's Member Number
  • Member Reference Number
  • Member Card Swiped
Illustration 3: Click "Search" to show customer list

4. After the list showed, select a customer and click "Select" to select a customer.

Illustration 4: Select customer

5. Selected customer name will be shown in the Contacts box.

Illustration 5: Customer selected

6.In the "Search Customer" window, you can also view the transaction history of a particular customer by first selecting the customer.

Finally, click the "History" button. The List of transaction made by the customer will be shown.

Illustration 6: "History" button lets you view customer's past transactions
Illustration 7: A history of transactions made by a customer

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