Basic POS System Setup for Food and Beverage

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Users can register an account with our to experience our BMO Point of Sales Offline System. The registration is FREE! It is very simple and straightforward as the screenshots of the registration are also provided.


NOTE: Please install the following in sequence.

Initial Sync

Before you can start using your point of sales system, you need to perform the initial sync to download the items (if available) and settings from your online POS System account.

Setup Layouts

Setup your shop layout is necessary to allow your restaurant employees to easily insert orders accurately for customers.

Receipt with Barcode

Including barcodes into receipts allows your restaurant employee to be more efficient, as he or she only needs to scan the receipt to search for customer orders or during check out.

Item Set

1. Login to POS Client.

Illustration 1: POS Terminal login

2. In the POS Terminal, click on the Inventory button and select Inventory List.

Illustration 2: Navigation To Inventory Window

Step 1: Create An Item Corresponding To The Set

1. Refer to the link below.

Step 2: Create New Set

1. In the "Inventory" window, click on Item Setup and select Item Sets on the navigation menu.

Illustration 3:Navigation To Item Set Window

2. In "Item Set" window, click on the New button to create new item set.

Illustration 4:Create New Item Set

3. Fill in the details of the item set. Then, click on the Save button to save new item set.

Illustration 5:Save New Item Set

4. New item set is now inserted into the list.

Illustration 6:Item Set Inserted

Step 3: Add New Item Into Item Set

1. In "Inventory" window, select item that you wish to add into the item set. Then, click on the Edit Item button.

Illustration 7:Create New Item Set

2. Under "Sets" section, insert available sets for the item.

Illustration 8:Insert Available Sets

3. A message box will pop out and show that new set is added. Click 'OK' to dismiss the message.

Illustration 9:Item Set Added

4. Click on Save button on the navigation menu to save the new settings for the item.

Illustration 10:Save Item Setting

Step 4: Selling Item Set

1. In POS Terminal, click on Set and select item set purchased by your customer.

Illustration 11:Insert Purchased Item

Illustration 12:Insert Set Purchased By Customer

Insert Items

Receive Items

Quick Receive Items

Petty Cash Setup

With the setup of petty cash, users can track their petty cash transactions. Thus, it allows you to use a cash drawer to collect money and give change to customers.

Make Sales

You will be able to process your restaurant/eatery business sales and keep transaction records.


You will be able to view and generate Category Sales Report, Item Sales Report,  Profit Summary Report, Daily Sales Report, Customer Sales Report,  Payment Type Sales Report,Service By Report, and Service Details Report.

Sync Daily

View Reports from Mobile Phones or Tablets

Users will be able to view reports using their mobile phones by following the steps shown in the screenshots.