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Two Monitors


Why do you need 2 Monitors

Basically, the main purpose for installing 2 monitors is to have one monitor viewed by the staff to make orders and customers can confirm their orders through the second monitor while standing opposite the cashier counter.

In a fast food outlet such as KFC, customers usually can view the ordered items on a second monitor after the cashier has entered your order into the system. In addition to that, you may also generate extra revenues, as you (the POS owner) can place an advertisement image on the second monitor.

2 Monitor Setup

1. Run POS Client, click "Setting" and key in your login details to open the setting window.

Illustration 1:Click on Visit Website
Illustration 1:Key in Login Details

2. Tick "Dual Screen" checkbox and choose screen image (e.g. an advertisement) from the Devices tab and Click "Save".

Illustration 2:Check Dual Screen checkbox and choose screen image e.g. an advertisement

3. Below is a sample view from the second monitor.

Illustration 3:Sample view from second monitor

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