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Setup Touch Screen Monitor


Download Driver

1. Go to POS Market Download Page.

Illustration 1: POS Market Download

2. At "Download" section, scroll down to POS Terminal Devices and download the "eGalaxTouch" file.

Illustration 2: Download eGalaxTouch Touch Screen Monitor Driver

3. Lastly, save and unzip the file. You may now proceed to the following section on how to install the driver.

Install Touch Screen Monitor Driver

1. Double click on the driver folder that you have downloaded from POS Market download page.

Illustration 1: Start install touch screen monitor

2. Double click Setup.exe to start install driver.

Illustration 2: Click Setup.exe

3. Click "Next".

Illustration 3: Install touch screen monitor

4. Select "Accept the license agreement" and click "Next".

Illustration 4: Install touch screen monitor

5. Click "Next".

Illustration 5: Install touch screen monitor

6. Leave the default setting checked and click "Next".

Illustration 6: Install touch screen monitor

7. Select "None" for 4 point calibration after system reboot and click "Next".

Illustration 7: Install touch screen monitor

8. Click "OK" if a notification asking you to confirm that your USB touch device (touch screen monitor) is properly plugged to the computer.

Illustration 8: Install touch screen monitor

9. Leave the default setting checked and click "Next".

Illustration 9: Install touch screen monitor

10. Choose your install destination folder. It is advisable for you to install this software in C:\ drive. Click "Next" to proceed.

Illustration 10: Install touch screen monitor

11. To proceed, click "Next" again.

Illustration 11: Install touch screen monitor

12. If you would like to keep the touch screen utility shortcut on the desktop, leave the check box checked. Click "Next" to complete installation.

Illustration 12: Install touch screen monitor complete

13. Installation is complete now. If there are beep sounds when you are using the touch screen monitor, you may right click the touch screen monitor icon at the bottom right of the screen and untick the sound.

Illustration 12: Install touch screen monitor complete

Touch Screen Monitor Usage

A touch screen monitor is very useful when space is limited to set up POS hardware on site of customer's premise. With this touch screen monitor, you can avoid using a mouse when making item selection. Besides, you can take advantage of the larger POS Terminal screen viewing your customer orders more clearly.