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Setup Magnetic Card Reader


How to Install Magnetic Card Reader

It is very easy to connect the magnetic card reader to the PC.

  1. Plug-in Card Swipe Machine.
  2. Make sure a beep sound is heard
  3. A pop up appears on screen (for first-time installation only) which notifies that installation of card swipe device is done.

You are now ready to make further configurations to your Online POS System and Offline POS Terminal. The next step will guide you how to configure card swipe machine at POS Terminal.

How to Configure Magnetic Card Reader at POS Terminal

1. Firstly, you need to run your Offline BMO POS Terminal and click 'Setting'. An Authentication box will pop to request you to key in your 'User Name' and 'Password'. After keying in the login details, click 'Submit'.

Illustration 1: Login to POS Client Settings

2. Plug in your magnetic card reader (any model) to your cpu or laptop and make sure it works.

Please refer to How to Install Magnetic Card Reader for more information.

3. In the Setting page, go to "Magnetic Card" section. Then, move your mouse (cursor) to "Test String" column and click on the text area with the digit "0" if any.

Illustration 2: Move your cursor to Text String text area

4. Swipe your magnetic card by using the magnetic card reader. Make sure your card's magnetic strip faces the card reader's metallic surface when swiping the card. A string of code will appear on Test String column.

Illustration 3: After swiping the card, string of code appears.

5. Choose a username and password for your company employee from the code (But DO NOT fill in the Username and Password column).

For example, we choose '892' as Username and '5004' as Password. Follow the steps below:

  1. We will copy (press CTR + C key) and paste (press CTR + V key) number in front of Username code from the 'Header to Skip' column.
  2. Then, we will copy (press CTR + C key) and paste (press CTR + V key) number between Username and Password code from 'Spliter' column.
  3. Finally, we will copy (press CTR + C key) and paste (press CTR + V key) number behind Password code from 'Footer to Skip' column.
Illustration 4: Follow steps 1-3 above to make Username (892) and Password (5004) for your employee's login details

6. Continue by following the steps below:

  • Change the number beside "Username" (from -1 to 0).
  • Change the number beside "Password" (from -1 to 1).
  • Select column "Use this setting for login".

Click "Test". The system will automatically fill in Username and Password for you (Write down or record your Username and Password in anywhere).

After clicking "Test", values 892 and 5004 should appear. Finally, click "Apply".

Illustration 5: Magnetic Card Reader Settings

7. Below is the example of Username and Password that the system processed. Click "Apply" if everything is correct.

Illustration 6: Magnetic Card Reader Settings

8. Go to POS Market Login Page and login Pos Market account with your username and password.

Illustration 7: Login POS Market

9. In your POS Market account, mouseover at "Employee" and click "New Employee".

Illustration 8: Go to Employee > New Employee

10. Under the "PERSONAL" tab, fill your employee details, especially columns marked with *.

Illustration 9: Remember to fill out Name, IC, Hand-phone and Email

11. Click the "SYSTEM ACCOUNT" tab, click the select box at UserType column and choose "EMPLOYEE".

Illustration 10: For UserType, choose Employee

12. Click the select box at *Grp Permission column and choose "Admin".

Illustration 11: For Grp Permission, choose Admin

13. Fill in the same Username and Password that you have filled at BMO Offline POS Terminal setting page (Step 5).

Illustration 12: Fill in username and password

14. Click the "EMPLOYMENT" tab, go to "Employee Type" select box and choose "Permanent staff". After completed, click "Save" to save the info.

Illustration 12: Choose Permanent staff for Employee Type

15. Your employees can now login to the POS Client by swiping their employee magnetic card at the magnetic card reader.

Use Normal Magnetic Card

In BMO Offline POS Terminal, you can use any normal and undamaged magnetic striped card to swipe with your card reader. The system will read the card via the card reader and display the code.