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Should you choose BMO Point of Sales System to handle your retail business? You need to download BMO POS Client and register an account from posmarket.com.my. This is to encourage business owners like you to have a copy of your inventory records and sales records. As a preferred retail point of sales system and application, BMO POS System is suitable for small businesses, fast-food restaurants, boutiques, cafe and so on. Easy, efficient and cost effective.

Activation process is simple. You just have to make payment and inform us about the payment. We will then activate your account.


Activation For 30 Days Trial

1. Install the necessary software before installing Offline POS Client. (you may refer to BMO Client Installation for more information). After successfully installed, click "Register" button.

Illustration 1: 30 Days Trial Activation

2. After clicking "Register", a window appears. Click "OK".

Illustration 2: POS Terminal activation request

3. Another Registration window pops up. Close it and "Login". Notice the new status at the bottom of your POS client. You now have a trial period of 30 days.

Illustration 3: 30 Days Trial

4. You can now login to your POS Client and start running your business.

Online Registration

1. Go to POS Market Download Page and fill out the form. Then click "Submit".

Illustration 2: Register an POS Market Account

2. After registration you will receive an email like below. Please check your Inbox /Spam /Junk folder for the email.

Illustration 2: Activation Email

Online Payment

To continue the usage of your Online POS System account after the 30-day trial period, please bank in the payment accordingly and inform us your activation code.

Illustration 1: Make payment to activate