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Multiple Stations


One Shop with 2 or More Stations

Often a retail store or a restaurant needs multiple point of sales stations to be able to cover the entire store. In POS Market's Point of Sales System, multiple stations help to link with different multiple computers and share your store sales information on the same database.

For example, if your company have multiple point of sales terminal, they can share the sales information on the same database located at BMO's main server. Therefore, it allows all of your employees to access the same system through different accounts at different places.

Besides that, different computer which requires different functions can be done by setting up multiple stations. For instance, your restaurant's system can be separated into two computers in which

  • One will only perform the ordering process
  • The other computer will process the payment transaction.

To set up multiple stations in POS Offline Terminal settings, set the Database Folder to be a shared database folder in the system. Apply this setting at all the terminals used.

NOTE: Makesure all your computers are on the same network and same workgroup.

Illustration 1:Set Multiple Stations
Illustration 2:Set Multiple Stations

You may refer to How to Setup Multiple Stations for more information.

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