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Cloud Backup


Why do you need Cloud Backup?

POS Market acknowledges the importance of backing up your data for your retail business and Point of Sales System. Thus POS Market's Online POS System and Offline POS Terminal is designed to keep your valuable data files in organised folders. In addition to that, you are able to backup your data to BMO Online's Server using our Cloud Backup function.

Illustration 1:Click on Visit Website

BMO's Cloud Backup function is very useful for creating backup for all of your company receipts, inventory items, customer contacts and other important sales data. Using BMO Offline and Online POS System can help you to reduce the risk of possible sales information loss when there is any natural disaster or hardware damage.

Illustration 2:Sample sales information

Please click POS Backups for more information on how to create backups for your sales information.

Formatted Computer

In the event of formatted computer, you will need to reinstall the BMO offline POS Software and all hardwares such as printers, barcode scanners, stand display and etc. Below is a list of step by step installation you can go through to re-setup your Point of Sales System.

Sync Back Data

1. To retrieve data that were synced (previously) to POS Market's Online POS System, you will need to login to your POS client.

For more information, you may refer to the guide for Installation of BMO Client

Illustration 1:Configure POS Client

2. Insert the company information in the settings page and click Save.

Illustration 2:POS Client settings

3. Data stored online will then be synced back to the BMO offline POS Terminal.

Illustration 3:POS Client initial sync

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