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Split Bill is a very useful function for many restaurant owners or eateries whose customers frequently request to split bill directly from the point of sales system. This feature offers a convenience to customers who wants to know the exact amount to pay for their food orders respectively.

In BMO POS System, you could do more. BMO POS System allows you to split the bill with service charge and tax according to each selected item. With this additional function, you do not have to calculate the service charge and tax manually.


How to Split Bill

1. Login to the main POS Client window.

Illustration 1: POS Terminal login

2. After selecting the items to be purchased, you can now try to do split bill. For example, you have 2 items (waiting for transaction) as shown in the screenshot below.

Illustration 2: Insert items

3. Then, select the item you would like to pay first by checking the checkbox of the item.

Illustration 3: Select one of the items

4. Next, click on the "Split Pay" button.

Illustration 4: Click Split Pay

5. "Item Pay" window will be prompted. Pay the sum required.

Illustration 5: Make payment

6. After clicking the "Cash" button to complete the first half transaction, a message box stating that the order has been created will be prompted.

Illustration 6: First order complete

7. Next, click "Ok". A "Transaction Info" window will be displayed. Click "Continue" to return to the POS Client main interface to proceed with remaining transaction.

Illustration 7: Continue Transaction

8. Repeat step 3 to step 5 for another item. A message box stating that the receipt has been updated will be prompted.

Illustration 9: Update Receipt After Second Payment

9. Again, Transaction Info window will be displayed. Click Close to complete transaction.

Illustration 10: Close Transaction

Combine Bills

To create combine bills, you have to create more than one receipt.

1. To create the first order/ receipt, click order button after selecting items to be purchased.

Illustration 1: Create Order

2. Repeat the same method to create next orders / receipts.

3. When you wish to combine both different receipts as single receipt, click 'Receipts' and select 'Combine Receipt' on the navigation menu.

Illustration 2: Combine Receipt

4. In the Combine Receipt Window, select the first receipt which you would like to combine.

Illustration 3: Select First Receipt

5. The system will navigate to the Receipt List Window. In the Receipt List Window, select the receipt and click Combine/Sel button.

Illustration 4: Combine First Receipt

6. After the first receipt is inserted, repeat step 4 and 5 to select the second receipt.

Illustration 5: Select Second Receipt

7. Then, click combine button

Illustration 6: Combine Two Receipt

8. Items in two receipts is displayed. Pay the bill with the payment method requested by customer.

Illustration 7: Pay Combined Receipt

Reopen Receipt

There are two types of reopen receipts. The first type is reopen an order or unpaid receipt to make payment while the second type is reopen and rewrite paid receipt.

Reopen an Order / Unpaid Receipt

1. Login to your BMO Client.

Illustration 1: Login to BMO Client

2. Go to the Receipt Window.

Illustration 2: Proceed to Receipt Section

3. Select the receipt and click on Make Payment/Open button.

Illustration 3: Select Receipt

4. The receipt is now opened. Make payment for the receipt according to the payment method requested by customer.

Illustration 4: The Receipt is Opened

5. After make payment, the receipt will be updated.

Illustration 5: The Receipt is Updated

Reopen and Rewrite Paid Receipt

1. To reopen and rewrite paid receipt, click 'Receipts' and select 'Receipt List' on the navigation menu.

Illustration 1: Navigate to Receipt List

2. In Receipt window, select the paid receipt which you would like to rewrite / edit and click Edit Receipt button.

Illustration 2: Select Receipt To Edit

Illustration 3: Details Before Edit

3. For authentication, the system will then prompt you for User Name and Password.

Illustration 4: Authenticate

4. A message will then be prompt stating that the receipt has been paid. Click OK.

Illustration 5: Receipt Paid Message

5. The system will navigate to the main interface. Edit the receipt and click Edit button.

Illustration 6: Edit Receipt

5. A message box will then be prompt stating that the receipt has been updated. Click OK.

Illustration 7: Receipt Updated

6. Back to the Receipt List, you will recognize the details of the receipt updated.

Illustration 8: Details After Edit

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