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Finger Print


Use Finger Print to Login POS System

BMO POS System is integrated with Fingerprint login function as it reduces login time and improves security. Adapting fingerprint login could prevent multiple staffs sharing the same pin number and "buddy punching".

You can purchase fingerprint scanner for each of your POS Station. Once they are connected to your POS Stations, you (or your staff) can log into the designated employee account at any POS station (within the branch location) with by scanning the finger.

Below, we have guides on how you can setup the U.ARE.U Fingerprint Scanner.

If you would like to know how to login to POS System by scanning your fingerprint, you can refer to Print Login to POS System, Step 13.

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How to Install U.ARE.U RTE Driver

Download Driver 1. Go to POS Market and click "Download" at the top navigation menu.

Illustration 1: Click on Visit Website

2. At the Download page, scroll down to POS Drivers and download 'U.are.U 4500 Thumbprint Reader' driver.

Illustration 2: Download Driver

Install Driver 1. After downloading the file, you have to right-click the file and click "Extract File" to unzip the file.

Illustration 3: Unzip file

2. Double-click the "Setup" file in URU4500-framework inside RTE folder.

Illustration 4: Go into RTE folder and double click setup

3. When InstallShield Wizard box pops up, click "Next" to proceed.

Illustration 5: Install Driver

4. Click "I accept the terms in the license agreement" after reading through the license agreement and click "Next" to proceed.

Illustration 6: Install Driver

5. Click "Next" from illustration 7 until illustration 9. Click "Install" as shown in illustration 10.

Illustration 7: Install Driver
Illustration 8: Install Driver
Illustration 9: Install Driver
Illustration 10: Complete Installation

6. When the following window pops up, it means the RTE driver will be installed to your computer. You have to wait till the process completes.

Illustration 11: Complete Installation

7. When Window RTE installation is completed, click 'Finish' to exit the wizard.

Illustration 12: Click Finish to end install wizard

8. After installing the program, you need to restart your computer. Click "Yes" to restart it.

Illustration 13: Restart computer

How to Setup Finger Print Login

1. Firstly, you need to open your "BMO offine pos" and click the Option for different Client.

Illustration 1: POS Option

2. Select "Human Resource Management Client" and enter User Name and Password to login.

Illustration 2: Choose Human Resource Management Client

3. Plug in fingerprint reader to your computer.

4. At the Human Resource Management Client window, go to Employee section and click "Employee List".

Illustration 3: Go to Employee List

5. Select the employee and click "Finger Print Enroll".

Illustration 4: Choose Employee
Illustration 5: FP Enroll

6. When the Finger Print Enrollment box pops up, your employees can start to put their thumb on the finger print reader to scan the finger print.

Illustration 6: Finger Print Enroll
Illustration 7: Finger Print Enroll

7. The pos system will read the finger print that captured automatically.

NOTE: You have to repeat step 7 for 3 times until the finger print template is ready for you to save.

Illustration 8: Scan Finger Print
Illustration 9: Scan Finger Print

8. Click "Save" to save the finger print for your employee and log out.

Illustration 10: Save Scanned Finger Print

9. You need to run your "BMO Offine POS" again and login to "Setting" page.

Illustration 11: Go to setting
Illustration 12: Authentication

10. Then, go to Login section

Illustration 13: Login Section

11. Tick to enable the Finger Print Login and click "Save" to apply.

Illustration 14: Login Section

12. A BMO message box will pop out and show that initial sync will begin. Click 'OK' to dismiss the message.

Illustration 15: Initial Sync Begin

13. Another message box will pop out and show that new setting has been downloaded. Click 'OK' to dismiss the message and restart the bmo application.

Illustration 16: New Setting Downloaded

14. Now, your employee can scan his thumb by using finger print reader to log in the Pos Client account.

Illustration 15: POS Setting
Illustration 16: Finger Print Login Success
Illustration 17: POS Homepage