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Stock Count


Stock count is beneficial for all companies and BMO POS System can help you keep track of your inventory with better results. Stock count is important when you are:

  • Managing stock levels
  • Anticipating customer demand
  • Preventing stock lost

BMO Offline POS Terminal's Stock Count tool allows you to print the complete list of your stock in inventory. In addition to that, you can save your current stock count list and reload it when necessary. Best of all, you can auto adjust your inventory and the POS System also supports long range wireless barcode scanner. Both features will help you to increase your employee's efficiency.

How to Print Stock List

In BMO Point of Sales System, you can print out a stock list whereby all the item name will be listed in a proper table. From there, you can use it to fill in your stock count result and compare with the POS system's record.

How to Print Stock Count for All Items

BMO Offline POS Terminal allows you to print stock count whereby the number of item on hand for your entire inventory will be listed in the print out.

1. First, log in to the POS Terminal.

Illustration 1: POS Terminal login

2. Click on the "Inventory" button and select "Inventory List" as show in the screenshot below.

Illustration 2: Go to Inventory List

3. Then, click on "Stock Count" button.

Illustration 3: Click on Stock Count

4. A stock count screen will be displayed. User may print the stock count reports by select the selection as shown be low:

  • Extra
  • Shortage
  • Difference
  • All
  • Tally
Illustration 4: Stock Count Reports

5. Extra Stock Count Report

Illustration 5a: Extra Stock Count Report

Shortage Stock Count Report

Illustration 5b: Shortage Stock Count Report

Difference Stock Count Report

Illustration 5c: Difference Stock Count Report

All Stock Count Report

Illustration 5d: All Stock Count Report

Tally Stock Count Report

Illustration 5e: Tally Stock Count Report

6. User may click the "Print" button in report preview to print the report.

Illustration 6: Print Stock Count Report

7. User may click the "Export" button in report preview to export the report.

Illustration 7: Export Stock Count Report

How to Load Stock Count Using Long Range Wireless Barcode Scanner

Wireless long range bar code scanner is easy to set up, reliable and fast. It can support up to 30m of communication distance. It also offers a high performance scanning by utilizing wireless-communication technology. With its long-lasting battery pack, it provides the freedom of mobility of barcode scanning and outstanding durability in various business applications.

Illustration 1: Long Range Wireless Barcode Scanner


1. Multiple decode ability

2. Best shape design to fit our hand, anti-knock and quakeproof

3. Beep sound alert once the scanning is triggered

Steps Guide:

1. Login to POS Client

2. Click Inventory.

3. Click Stock Count

4. Make sure your long range wireless barcode scanner is well connected to your POS Terminal.

5. Select the right column and start scanning.

6. After you have complete scanning your items, click "Load List" and your items will be counted in the system.

How to Auto Adjust the Stock Count

1. After login to the POS Terminal setting, click on the "Inventory" button and select "Inventory List" as show in the screenshot below.

Illustration 1:POS Terminal

2. 3. Then, click on "Stock Count" button.

Illustration 2:Select Stock Count

3. A stock count screen will be prompted out. Next, click on the “Auto Adjust” button to allow the counts in the inventory record to be adjusted automatically at the time of a sale.

Illustration 3:Select Auto Adjust

4. A confirmation message will be promoted to confirm with the auto adjustment setting. Click “Yes” if you are ok with that.

Illustration 4:Confirm Auto Adjust Quantity

5. Once again, the confirmation message will be prompted for second time to confirm your final decision on the adjustment made to your setting. Click “Yes” to proceed.

Illustration 5:Double Confirm Auto Adjustment

6. Finally, you will be notified that the quantity has been adjusted automatically .

Illustration 6:Quantity Auto Adjusted