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How to Add Member Category

1. Go to 'Contact List'

Illustration 1: Contact List

2. To create a new member category, Select 'Membership Category'.

Illustration 2: Membership Category

3. In the Membership Category, click 'New'.

Illustration 3: Edit Membership

4. Enter the category details and click 'Save' and 'Add'.

Illustration 4: New Member Category

5. A message will pop out as the member category successfully added, click 'OK' continue.

Illustration 5: Message of New Member Category is Added

6. The new member category is now added in the Category List.

Illustration 6: New Member Category is Added

Member Commission

1. Go to 'Contact List'.

Illustration 1: Contact List

2. Go to 'Membership' and click on 'Adjust Commission'.

Illustration 2: Go to 'Adjust Commission'

3. Select the 'Contacts' and 'Balance' amount will be shown. User can choose either 'Add' or 'Deduct' the commission. 'All' button is function to select all the amount the contact has.

Illustration 3: Adjust Commission

4. Commission added to the selected contact.

Illustration 4: Commission Adjusted

Commission List

1. Go to 'Contact List'.

Illustration 1: Contact List

2. Go to 'Commission List' to view member commission history.

Illustration 2: Commission List

3. The 'Commission List' showed the adjusted member commission record.

Illustration 3: Adjusted Commission