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PIN Reload


Why Do You Need PIN Reload

PIN reload is securely stored (offline/online mode) in encrypted format in the POS terminals. It is an electronic top up module added by BMO POS System. This PIN Reload module provides immediate top up of mobile prepaid credit at point of sale. Convenient to your customers as they just need to visit your shop. With the integrated Pin reload module, you can easily key in all the coupon serial numbers and provide it to the customer upon payment received. Of course, this module is not just limited to mobile credit reloads.

Reminder: Before using PIN reload in offline POS terminal, you need to add branch credit in BMO online POS system.

How To Add Pin Reload Item in Online POS System

Refer to 9. How To Create PIN In Online POS System.

How to use Pin Reload in Offline POS Terminal

1. Click "Setting" and insert your login details to login to your POS Client Settings page.

Illustration 1: POS Terminal login to Settings

2. Fill in the details of the "Reload PIN", such as "Username" and "Password" into the POS Client.

Illustration 2: POS Terminal login to Settings

3. After that, login to your POS client and click on "PIN" button.

4. Select "Provider", "Denomination" and "Tendered". Then, click "Enter".

5. Finally, you can reload your mobile phone with the PIN number provided in the receipt.

Sample PIN Receipt

Illustration 3: PIN Receipt