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Warranty Date

Warranty Date in BMO Offline POS Terminal functions as a record and reminder to customers about the warranty date for the item purchased. For example, this Warranty Date function can be used by computer or mobile phone shop owners to inform customer on the warranty date of item purchased such as mobile phone accessories and mobile phones.

With the warranty date printed on the receipt, customers can return or exchange the faulty item any time before the warranty date expires. Your staff will be able to refer to the receipt as well and double confirm the warranty date in the POS online system or offline POS terminal. In return, your customers will be well attended and the POS system allows your employees to the handle item exchange case more professionally.

For other date setups, please go to: Service Date | Pick Up Date


How to Insert Warranty Date

1. To configure the warranty date function in Offline POS Terminal, you will need to login to the main POS Client window.

Illustration 1: POS Terminal login

2. At the main POS Client page, click "Receipt Info" tab.

Illustration 2: Receipt Info

3. Then set the Warranty Date accordingly.

You can choose to click the following buttons to set the date:

  • + 1 Day
  • - 1 Day
  • +1 Hour
  • -1 Hour

After you have set the warranty date, click on "Receipt" tab to return to the transaction page.

Illustration 3: Warranty Date

4. Click "Order" or one of the payment buttons after inserting the items to complete the transaction.

Illustration 4: Warranty Date

Sample Warranty Date in Receipt

Illustration 1: Warranty Date Receipt