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Pick Up Date

Pick Up Date in BMO Offline POS Terminal functions as a record and reminder to customers to pick up their items on an appointed date. For example, the "Pick Up Date" function can be used by laundry shop to inform customer about the exact date of when their laundry will be ready for pick up. The pick up date will then be printed on the receipt.

The pick up date on the receipt will help your customers to track their laundry and provide reference as long as they keep the receipt. When the customers finally collect their laundry, your staff will be able to refer to the receipt for details and complete process faster.

For other date setups, please go to: Service Date | Warranty Date


How to Insert Pick Up Date

1. To configure the for pick up function in Offline POS Terminal, you will need to login to the main POS Client window.

Illustration 1: POS Terminal login

2. At the main POS Client page, click "Receipt Info" tab.

Illustration 2: Receipt Info

3. Then set the Pickup Date accordingly.

You can choose to click the following buttons to set the date:

  • + 1 Day
  • - 1 Day
  • +1 Hour
  • -1 Hour

After you have set the pick up date, click on "Receipt" tab to return to the transaction page.

Illustration 3: Set Pick Up Date

4. Click "Order" or one of the payment buttons after inserting the items to complete the transaction.

Illustration 4: Make Payment

Sample Pick Up Date in Receipt

Illustration 1: Pick Up Date Receipt