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Service Date

Service Date in POS Offline Terminal functions as a record and reminder to all customers on the upcoming service date for the item that is transacted.

For example, "Service Date" function can be use by car workshop to inform their customers about their car's next service date. The service date will then be printed on the receipt. It can also be used to remind customers on various cases such as:

  • When to do wheel alignment
  • When change engine oil.

For other date setups, please go to: Pickup Date | Warranty Date


How to Insert Service Date

1. To configure the "Service Date" function in Offline POS Terminal, login to the main POS Client window.

Illustration 1: POS Terminal login

2. At the main POS Client page, click "Receipt Info" tab.

Illustration 2: Receipt Info

3. Then set the Service Date accordingly.

You can choose to click the following buttons to set the date:

  • + 1 Day
  • - 1 Day
  • +1 Hour
  • -1 Hour

After you have set the service date, click on "Receipt" tab to return to the transaction page.

Illustration 3: Set Service Date

4. Click "Order" or one of the payment buttons after inserting the items to complete the transaction.

Illustration 4: Set Service Date

Sample Service Date Receipt

Illustration 5: Service Date Receipt