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POS Stand Display



POS Stand display is one of the POS Terminal hardware that is used to display your customer's item name, price and sub-total.


Drivers for the stand display can be downloaded from www.posmarket.com.my

1. Go to POS Market Download Page. Click Downloads at top navigation bar.

Illustration 1:Select POS Display model


Plug in the POS Stand Display and run the driver installation that is downloaded from POS Market Download Page. Then follow on screen installation instructions to complete the installation process.

Stand Display Setting

The message shown on the stand display can be set in the Offline POS Terminal setting.

1. After install the stand display driver , go to POS Client Setting to setup the stand display.

Illustration 1: Configure POS Client

2. After you have successfully logged in, click on Devices tab. Choose the right port numbers for each display. Choose their baud rates. Standard rate would be 9600.

Illustration 2: POS Stand Display Setting

3. Tick the 'Enable Stand Display' box.

Illustration 3: Select 'Enable Stand Display'

4. Select Port and Baud, Port is follow by the plugged in port, and the Baud is normally "9600".

Illustration 4: Port and Baud

5. Click 'Save' to apply the stand display setting.

Illustration 5: Click 'Save'

6. A BMO message box will pop out and show that initial sync will begin. Click 'OK' to dismiss the message.

Illustration 6: Initial Sync Begin

7. Another message box will pop out and show that new setting has been downloaded. Click 'OK' to dismiss the message and restart the bmo application.

Illustration 7: New Setting Downloaded

For more information, please refer to Installation of USB Stand Display

Multiple Stand Display

Offline POS Terminal supports multiple stand display for the ease of view by your employee and customers during a transaction. To enable this function, you will just need to check on Enable Stand Display 2 and enter the settings for the second stand display in the display setting page.

You may refer to the additional information at Installation of USB Stand Display

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