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Service Charge


Service charge is commonly collected by some restaurants or service provider for the services they provide to customers. The service charge function in Offline POS system will automatically calculate the additional charges that will be added to the transaction. This will save your employees time and avoid the hassle of calculating the charge manually.


1. Click on the "Setting" button to login to your POS "Settings" window.

Illustration 1: Navigation To POS Client Settings Login

2. Login to your POS "Settings" window.

Illustration 2: Login to POS Client Settings

3. At "TAX/VAT/GST" tab, tick "Srvc Charge Enable" and insert details of charge.

(a) Charge Type can be:

  • Percentage
  • Amount

(b) Charge Amount is the value or amount to be charged.

Illustration 3: Insert Details Of Charge

4. Click on the Save button to save the setting.

Illustration 4: Save Settings

5. The system will restart and Service Charge will be applied to the next transaction.

Daily Summary Report with Tax and Service Charge

In POS Offline System, you can generate daily summary that include or does not include tax.

1. Log in to the POS Terminal.

Illustration 1: POS Terminal login

2. At the top navigation menu, click on "Receipts" and select "Reports".

Illustration 2: Navigation To Reports Window

3. Under "Summary Reports" section, click the "Daily Summary w tax srvc".

Illustration 3: Navigation To Daily Summary Report with Tax and Service Charge

4. The daily summary report with tax and service charge will then be prompt.

Illustration 4: View Report - With Tax And Charge

Illustration 5: View Report - Without Tax And Charge

5. You can click "Zoom In" to have a clearer view of the report. Then, you may print or export the report in PDF format.