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Why BMO POS System Promotions Function Can Help You

In BMO POS Market’s Online POS System, you are allowed to create promotion price for selected items during your company’s promotional campaign period. You can syncronise the promotion item from Online POS System to Offline POS Terminal. The promotion price must be set with a date, then only it would display in Offline POS Terminal. In short, the promotion price is only for items set with promotion date.

In Offline POS Terminal’s inventory, if you have one item with two pricing. Both of the pricing can be syncronised with the online POS system. During promotion period, your Offline POS terminal will only sell the item based on the promotion price. The item price will be hidden during the promotion period. Once the promotion period finishes, the item price will be display and hide the promotion price.

Online Setting

1. Firstly, go to posmarket.com.my and login to the POS system.

Illustration 1: Login Online POS System

2. In your POS Market account home page, go to "Item > Item > Item Price.

Illustration 2:Navigate to Promotion Setting

3. To choose an item, click browse button for Item Code.

Illustration 3:Browse Item Code

4. Click Select for the item that you wish to have promotion.

Illustration 4:Select Item

5. Click browse button to choose inventory location for the selected item.

Illustration 5:Browse Inventory Location

6. Tick and click Insert for the inventory location of the item.

Illustration 6:Insert Inventory Location

7. Attach 'Price Unit', 'Selling Price', 'Amount of Discount', 'Disc Type', 'Cost Type' and 'Cost Price'. Price after discount will be shown under 'Net Unit Price' after you attach all the related information.

Illustration 7:Edit Attach Price and Location Page

7. Then, proceed to Promotion page. To select promotion effective period, click the calendar icon to select the date.

Illustration 7:Select Promotion Effective Period

8. Insert item's 'Parent Price'. Click 'Save' to apply the promotion online setting.

Illustration 8:Insert Item Parent Price And Save Promotion Setting

9. A message box will pop out and show that there is an item location and price attached. Click OK to dismiss the message.

Illustration 9:Item Location and Price Attached

View Offline

1. Login to your POS Client account.

Illustration 1:Login POS Client Account

2. In the POS Terminal, Sync the data.

Illustration 2:Sync Data

3. After sync, log out from your POS Terminal and re-login.

4. During promotion period, the promotion item will offer the price according to the selling price and discount that you set on the online setting.

Illustration 3:Item Price during Promotion Period

5. Below is an example of item receipt during promotion period.

Illustration 4:Item Receipt during Promotion Period

7. After the promotion period, the item will be given the original item price.

Illustration 5:Item Price after Promotion Period

8. Below is an example of item receipt after promotion period.

Illustration 6:Item Receipt after Promotion Period