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Serial Control


What is Offline and Online Serial Control

An item can have one MFG code with multiple serial numbers. POS Market Malaysia, Online POS System has release the item serial module. In Online POS System, you can let users receive serial numbers in big quantities.

In addition to that, you can control the “Item Serial Online” module in group permission setting. When your customers purchasing items with serial number, offline POS terminal will automatically deduct your company’s on-hand quantity and online POS system will automatically remove that serial number.

Default Setup

Online Setup

1. First, go to posmarket.com.my and login to the POS system.

Illustration 1: Login Online POS System

2. Go to Admin > Permission Setting > Group Permission.

Illustration 2:Navigate To Group Permission

3. Click Edit on Group which you would like to edit.

Illustration 3:Edit Group Permission

4. Scroll all the way down the page to P.O.S section. Under Point Of Sales, click "+Menu", then "+func".

Illustration 4:Navigate to Point Of Sales Menu

Illustration 5:Navigate to POS Terminal Function

5. Tick “Item Serial Online”.

Illustration 6:Tick "Serial Control Online"

6. Click Submit button to save the setting.

Illustration 7:Save Group Permission Setting

7. In your BMO Online system, go to Item > Item > New Item.

Illustration 8:Create New Item

8. Fill in the item details dan click Save button.

Illustration 9:Insert New Item Details

9. A message box will pop out and show that you have successfully added a new item. Click OK.

Illustration 10:New Item Added

10. Then, an Attach Price and Location page will pop out.

  • Insert item 'Location' and 'Price Unit'.
  • Insert the item 'Selling Price' and 'Cost Price'. The system will calculate item price after discount under Net Unit Price.
  • Click 'Save' to apply the setting.
Illustration 11: Attach Price and Location

11. A message box will pop out to inform you that the item location and price has been set. Click OK to dismiss the message.

Illustration 12:Item Location and Price Has Been Set

12. From the item list, click 'Receive' on the item which you would like to receive new item.

Illustration 13:Receive Item

13. In the To Receive Item Without Purchase Order page, insert 'Base Unit', 'Quantity Received' and 'Total Cost'.

Illustration 14:Receive Item Without Purchase Order

14. Then, click Add Line button to add serial number for received items.

Illustration 15:Add Line

15. Insert Serial Number for received items and click 'Save'.

Illustration 16:Insert Serial Number

16. A message box will pop out and show that you have successfully received items. Click OK to dismiss the message.

Illustration 17:Successful Receive Items

17. In the item list, click 'S/N' on the item which you would like to view its serial number.

Illustration 18:View Item Serial Number

18. Below is the example of item serial number.

Illustration 19:Example of Item Serial Number

19.Once you make the item transaction from offline pos, the serial number that you had used will be recorded as 'SOLD'.

Illustration 20:Item Serial Number Status

View Offline

1. Login to your POS Client account.

Illustration 1: POS Terminal login

2. In the POS Terminal, Click Sync button to get the data you edit on online POS.

Illustration 2:Sync Data

3. After sync, the system will request you to restart the application. Click OK and log out from your POS Terminal.

Illustration 3:Restart Application

4. Login to your POS Client account again.

5. Select item that you insert the serial number on your online pos account.

Illustration 5:Select Item

6. An item box will pop out. Insert the serial number that you generated and click the 'select icon'.

Illustration 6:Insert Serial Number that Generated

7. The item serial number is now inserted. Click Update button to proceed.

Illustration 7:Update Item Serial Number

8. A message box will pop out. Click OK to overwrite the item serial number.

Illustration 8:Overwrite Item Serial Number

9. Then, the new item will be add in item list with its serial number. You can now continue with transaction process.

Illustration 9:New Item with Serial Number Transaction

Serial Control is Available in Online or Offline?

Serial Control is available in both Online and Offline. You can set an item serial number through your POS Market Account.

Difference between Online Serial and Offline Serial

  • Online Serial can only be used if you have subscribed to our online POS Market online. Item serial number is created through online account.

Impact of Online Serial when Your Internet is Slow

You may not have a successful transaction as the system may not able to detect the serial numbers that you generated, and so you are not able to insert and update as well as used the serial numbers as expected.


If you are using online serial, please make sure your online account do not expired.