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Permission Setting


Online Permission Setting

1. Go to POS Market Login / Register page.

Illustration 1: POS Market Page

2. Login to your POS Market account.

Illustration 2: Login POS Market Account

3. In your POS Market account home page, go to Admin >>> Permission Setting >>> Group Permission.

Illustration 3: POS Market Account Page

4. Click 'Edit' to change your Admin info.

Illustration 4: Edit Admin Info

5. Scroll down and go to P.O.S module, click '+Menu' to expand the Point Of Sales sub menu.

Illustration 5: Expand Sub Menu

6. Click '+func' to expand the POS Terminal function.

Illustration 6: Expand POS Terminal Function

7. Below the Active Privilege Function, Unselect the 'Profit button'.

Illustration 7: Unselect Profit Button

8. Click 'Submit' to save the setting that you changed.

Illustration 8: Save Setting

Offline Permission Setting

1. Click on the "Setting" button to login to your POS "Settings" window.

Illustration 1: Navigation To POS Client Settings Login

2. Login to your POS "Settings" window.

Illustration 2: Login to POS Client Settings

3. At "Login" tab, click on the Permissions button.

Illustration 3: Navigation To Permissions Setting

4. Select an employee name and change your employee permission by changing the access value. After modify, click on the Update button.

Note: You changes permission may affect other employee in the users affected region.

Illustration 4: Update User Permissions

5. A message box will pop out and state that group permission updated. Click OK to dismiss the message.

Illustration 5: Group Permission Updated

6. Close "View Permission" window.

Illustration 6: Close View Permission Window

7. In "POS Client Login" window, click on the Save button to save the settings.

Illustration 7: Save Setting

8. A message box will pop out and state that initial sync will begin. Click OK to dismiss the message.

Illustration 8: Begin Initial Sync

9. Another message box will pop out and state new setting has been downloaded. Click OK to restart the application.

Illustration 9: Restart Application

10. Then, system will backup your data.

Illustration 10: Backing Up Data

11. "Petty Cash" window before permission is set.

Illustration 11: Petty Cash Before Permission Is Set

12. "Petty Cash" window after permission is set.

Illustration 12: Petty Cash After Permission Is Set