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SMS Integration


Why SMS is Integrated with BMO POS System

SMS is integrated with BMO POS system so that it allows the system to send text to the customer phone. It is easy to use and it can handle the operational needs of major retail shops and dining outlets.

Today’s marketplace is more about ‘engaging’ and ‘interacting’. SMS is one of the most effective communication means in today business world as most of the business owners will need to send message as a notification, or an alert or a reminder to their customers.

Consumers today are more likely to communicate using SMS than email or calls. Also, they would more prefer to receive a SMS about a product or service compared to a phone call as it is considered less intrusive to them.

How to Register at iSMS

1. Got to iSMS home page or click this link http://www.isms.com.my/register.php to register an account.

Illustration 1: iSMS Home Page

More information, click the links that are given below.

Register iSMS Account for Free : http://wiki.isms.com.my/index.php?title=Register_iSMS_Account_for_Free

Reload 5 Free SMS Credit : http://wiki.isms.com.my/index.php?title=Reload_5_Free_SMS_Credit

Purchase SMS Credit : http://wiki.isms.com.my/index.php?title=Purchase_SMS_Credit

Reload SMS Credits : http://wiki.isms.com.my/index.php?title=Reload_SMS_Credits

2. Fill in your account details. Tick the box to agree to the Term and Conditions. Click 'Submit' to complete the form submission.

Illustration 2: Register iSMS Account

3. A message box will pop out to show that your account is successfully registered. Click 'Ok' to dismiss the message.

Illustration 3: Account is Successfully Registered

How to Configure SMS at BMO POS System (Online)

1. Go to POS Market Login / Register page.

Illustration 1: POS Market Page

2. Login to your POS Market account.

Illustration 2: Login POS Market Account

3. In your POS Market account home page, go to Email / SMS >>> SMS >>> SMS Setup.

Illustration 3: POS Market Account Home Page

4. Insert the username and password that you registered in iSMS web site and click 'Edit'.

Illustration 4: Insert Username and Password

5. A message box will pop out to show that your SMS setup is successfully edited.

Illustration 5: SMS Setup is Successfully Edited

6. To send a sms, go to Email / SMS >>> SMS >>> Send.

Illustration 6: Send SMS

7. Insert your text in 'Message' column and contact number in 'Send To' column. Click 'Send SMS' to send your sms.

Illustration 7: Compose SMS

8. A message box will show you that your sms is scheduled and will be send out soon. Click 'Ok' to dismiss the message.

Illustration 8: SMS is Scheduled

9. To check your sms status, go to Email / SMS >>> SMS >>> SMS History.

Illustration 9: SMS History

10. If your sms is successfully sent, it will show 'SUCCESS' in the Status column.

Illustration 10: SMS Status

How to Configure SMS at BMO POS System (Offline)

1. Login to your POS Client account.

Illustration 1: Login POS Client Account

2. After login, select "iSMS/Email" and click on "SMS Marketing".

Illustration 2: Go to "SMS Marketing"

3. Click on "Setting" to configure iSMS username and password.

Illustration 3: Go to "Setting"

4. Enter "Username" and "Password" and click "Save" to complete the configuration.

Illustration 4: Enter "Username" and "Password" and click "Save"

5. The configuration is saved, click "OK" to finish.

Illustration 5: Click "OK"

6. Click "Refresh" to refresh the credit amount of the account.

Illustration 6: Refresh amount

7. The amount is refresh now as can see from the image below.

Illustration 7: Show Amount

8. Enter "Phone Number" and "Message" that you would like to sent to. The "Campaign" is the title to send the messages.

Illustration 8: Enter "Phone Number","Message" and "Champaign"

9. After the content filled, click the "Send via iSMS.com.my" button to send message.

Illustration 9: Click "Send via iSMS.com.my"

10. Click "OK" for the message boxes below.

Illustration 10a: Click "OK"
Illustration 10b: Click "OK"
Illustration 10c: Click "OK"