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Dual Screen


Second Monitor

Second monitor is one of the POS Terminal Hardware that is used as customer display in order to provide customers information about sales grand total, in-store highlights and promotional offers.

Display Picture or Video with Item Details

Coming Soon

How to Setup Dual Screen

1. Login to POS Client Setting.

Illustration 1: Login POS Client Setting

2.Enter Username and Password and click Submit to login.

Illustration 2: Authentication Login

3. Go to Display section and select 'Dual Screen'.

Illustration 3: Select Dual Screen

4. Then, choose Screen Image / Video to display.

Illustration 4: Choose Screen Image / Video

5. Click 'Save' to save the setting.

Illustration 5: Save Setting

6. A BMO message box will pop out and show that initial sync will begin. Click 'OK' to dismiss the message.

Illustration 6: Initial Sync Begin

7. Another message box will pop out and show that new setting has been downloaded. Click 'OK' to dismiss the message and restart the bmo application.

Illustration 7: New Setting Downloaded