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Wi-Fi Marketing Device with Phone Number Verification

/Wi-Fi Marketing Device with Phone Number Verification
Wi-Fi Marketing Device with Phone Number Verification 2017-10-11T09:58:56+00:00

Turn your free Wi-Fi into a platform that speaks!

How does Vocotext WiFi work?

wifi marketing

wifi marketing

wifi marketing

wifi marketing

wifi marketing

wifi marketing

  1. Customer finds and connects to an open WiFi
  2. A browser page will appear asking for phone and pin numbers
  3. Customer inputs their correct phone number and clicks “Get Pin”
  4. A pin number will be delivered via SMS to customer’s phone number
  5. Customer enters pin number in browser and signs in
  6. Customer will be redirected to company website (if available) and start browsing for 1 Hour*

*The period allowing customers to utilize the WiFi can be adjusted to the Merchant’s preference.

wifi marketing

Price: RM1649

  • Free installation worth RM200
  • Free Device Programming worth RM400
  • Free 500 iSMS Credits worth RM53.00

Additional Information:

  • Merchant can set the landing page from the website.
  • Merchant can access the address book from iSMS website.

vocotext network diagram thumb

Example of Industries that can benefit using Vocotext WiFi


wifi marketingBank

wifi marketingRestaurant

wifi marketingCafe

wifi marketingPub/Club

wifi marketingRetail

wifi marketingSupermarket

wifi marketingSaloon

wifi marketingHospital/Clinic

wifi marketingDentist

How can Vocotext WiFi benefit your business?

Save Your Customer’s Contact

When your customers enter their phone numbers to get their WiFi Pin Number, their contacts will be saved into your iSMS account automatically, hence allowing you to compile a list of your customers’ contacts for future contact references.

Gain Customers Loyalty

Keep contact with your customers and gain their loyalty via constant newsletters, membership promotions, vouchers and coupons that will increase your existing customers’ interests and encourages good management of customer relation.

Notify Customers

With contacts recorded via Vocotext Wifi into your iSMS account, you are able to inform customers on upcoming promotions, deals, packages and much more! With this, you can increase the number of your customers and keep them coming back.

Enhance Brand Awareness

Through words of mouth or social media, existing customers can inform the public about your business. This will increase your sales and repeat your business which allow customers to keep coming back, hence building a recognizable brand.

How to Set Up your Vocotext WiFi?

wifi marketing

You (Merchant)

  1. Insert your landing page into “Landing Page” field.
  2. Set your country prefix code.
  3. Within 3 hours, only 1 SMS will be delivered to the customer. If the customer requests for the Pin number again within an hour, the PIN number will be displayed on the screen.

Vocotext WiFi Screenshots

wifi marketingClient connects to your open WiFi

wifi marketingClient input phone number in browser

wifi marketingClient receive Pin Number via SMS

wifi marketingClient input the received Pin Number

wifi marketingClient can start to use your WiFi Internet