Complete Enterprise POS System to Help You Run Your Business

Point of Sales Software Modules

Standard BizCloud POS system included full system for your daily business needs. However, if you need extra module, you can find it here. As a comprehensive POS provider, each modules are developed for specific business needs. You can always choose to add new module to your point of sales system to serve different purposes.

Modules Standard Extra
Invoices, Cash sales, Ordering Y
Inventory Management Y
Barcode System Y
Commission System Y
Workshop Y
Weighing Machine Integration RM500
Attendance System RM100
Extra Backup + Pendrive RM50
Client Server Conversion RM600
My Card Reader Integration + Hardware RM199
Mall FTP Submission RM200
Cloud Integration(sync data)-monthly RM100
Android Ordering System(unlimited users) RM1000
Quotation RM200
P.O. RM200
Export to SQL Account RM500
Optical Jobsheet RM500
Queuing System RM1000
Publisher System RM500
Membership + Member Card RM200
Locker System RM200
Appointment System RM200
Pet System RM200

Cloud (online) and Offline (on premise) POS system

BizCloud POS system is designed to work online and offline with simple POS system features.
POS online solution means you can sync all the data or receipts generated in your POS terminal into web site. Then you can view the receipts from web pages, either using a desktop or mobile phones.
Whilst offline software means you can run the software in your Windows operating system without network. All data are stored in the local database, and the data can be backed up and restore with ease.

Inventory System

The POS system comes with a complete inventory management module built in. BizCloud inventory management system comes free with standard POS System bundle. Making it the perfect retail POS system for your business. By using the inventory management system, you can control your items to the very detail. Furthermore, you can ignore some intangible item by setting it to be non physical control.
You can generate barcode system for your own use. Couple with barcode printer, you can even print your own barcode. Then you are able to scan it at the counter when customer make purchase. Reducing human errors.

Service and support

In BizCloud point of sales system Malaysia, we provide online and on site support. Currently, all online POS system Malaysia and international online supports are free of charge. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. Our support is the main features that separate us with our competitors. We provide support without charging you, and we keep update our system to serve you even better. Currently, you can download the latest version from our download page.
If you need us to visit you, we are more than willing to do so, however, there will be charges involve. We strongly encourage all our customers to let us do the online support first. If the problem persist, then we will find other options. Most of the time, 90% of the problems can be solved online.

Online POS system offline POS terminal OS Windows 10
Online POS system offline POS terminal OS Windows XP
Online POS system offline POS terminal OS Windows Vista
Online POS system offline POS terminal OS Windows 8
Online POS system offline POS terminal OS Windows 7



Online POS System

With BMO Cloud Access:

  • Centralised control over POS Station
  • Online cloud backup
  • Control members, serial, vouchers online
  • Vouchers Online
  • Handle multiple branches
  • Mobile phone or iPad Report Access
  • Free upgrades
  • Prepaid & Credit Online
Centralised control over POS Station
Online cloud backup
Handle multiple branches
Mobile phone or iPad report access
Control members, serial, vouchers online
Free upgrades
Vouchers online
Prepaid & credit online
pos system hardware generate quotation

Offline POS System

Without BMO Cloud Access, you can still enjoy the full features for BMO Offline Client:

Online POS System Malaysia Android Waiter App Online POS System Malaysia Android Order Station App Online POS System Malaysia Appointment Online POS System Malaysia Attendance Online POS System Malaysia Auto Email Reporting Online POS System Malaysia Cash Online POS System Malaysia Contact Database Online POS System Offline POS Terminal Service By Online POS System Malaysia Credit Limit Online POS System Malaysia Debt
Android Waiter App Android Order Station App Appointment Attendance Auto Email Reporting Cash Contact Database Create Item on The Fly Credit Limit Debt
Online POS System Offline POS Terminal Discounts Online POS System Malaysia Employee Commission Online POS System Malaysia Food and Beverage Online POS System Malaysia Attendance Online POS System Malaysia Inventory Online POS System Malaysia Item Options Online POS System Malaysia Item Set Online POS System Malaysia Petty Cash Online POS System Malaysia Points Redemption Online POS System Malaysia Prepaid
Discounts Employee Commission Food & Beverage Kitchen Queue Inventory Item Options Item Set Petty Cash Points Redemption Prepaid
Pos System Recurrence Online POS System Malaysia POS Terminal Re-Order Alert Online Pos System Malaysia Warranty Date Online POS System Malaysia Bulk SMS Integration Online POS System Malaysia Barcode Printer Online Pos System Malaysia Tax GST and VAT Online POS System Malaysia Table Layout Online POS System Malaysia Vendor Online POS System Malaysia Weight Machine with Barcode Pos System 3rd party voucher
Recurrence Re-order Alert Service, Pickup, Warranty Date SMS Integration Supports up to 12 Printers Tax(GST & VAT) Table Layout Vendor Weight Machine with Barcode 3rd Party Voucher
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