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Serial Controlled Online Voucher Codes

/Serial Controlled Online Voucher Codes
Serial Controlled Online Voucher Codes 2018-10-18T02:36:29+00:00

Coupon, gift voucher, and promo code are a great way to attract customers to your business and have proven to be highly effective sales tools especially in retail and F&B environment.

How do I create a gift voucher?

  • Offline Voucher
  • Serial controlled voucher (Online)
  • Third Party Voucher

Offline Voucher

A common promocode/voucher or physical voucher will share a same serial or manufacturer code. You can distribute many of them as you want. When your customer uses it, they will get the discount based on the voucher’s value.

Serial Controlled Voucher

A serial controlled online voucher comes with different serial numbers and can only be used ONCE. You must subscribe cloud service in order to use serial controlled voucher if you have more than one store.

Third Party Voucher

It serves as one payment type. 1Malaysia Book Voucher is one the examples. BMO POS System will track the voucher serial number for reporting and tracking purposes.

Online Voucher System

Common voucher with the same voucher code.

Serial controlled Voucher