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USB Keyboard


This new plug-and-play waterproof keyboard is designed for comfortable typing experience users.

With its waterproof, now you will no longer worry if you have spilt coffee or tea on your POS keyboard. This keyboard can be used for those who work in a wet or humid environment.

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Product Description


  • Good companions
  • Excellent flexible
  • Ultimate ease of input through extra flat, soft-touch keys
  • Multi-language design
  • Direct access to multimedia applications by key press (internet browser, e-mail program, MP3 / DVD / CD Player)
  • Trend design with transparent keyboard surround
  • High quality, lifetime of keys up to 100,000,000 times

Mechanical Specification

  • Key Life: >10,000,00 times
  • Key bounce: 1600mm
  • Voltage: 5+/_0.25V

Environmental Operating Condition

  • Operating Temperature: -10C~ +50C
  • Storage Temperature: -20C~ +60C
  • Relatively Humidity: 10%RH~ 95%RH


  • Rating: 5V – 60mA
  • This device complies with part
  • 15 of the FCC Rules


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