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POS System Setup for Car Workshop

/POS System Setup for Car Workshop
POS System Setup for Car Workshop 2019-05-03T03:53:14+00:00

POS for Car Workshop

Car Workshop Management System is a business sales management tool designed specially for auto mechanical repair workshops, auto electrical, tyre or even spare parts businesses. It can also be used for small engine and general repair enterprises. Garage Management System has a user-friendly interface for your convenience and easy usage.

Car Workshop Management System comes with the functionality for its environment as it covers the capturing of sale information of work order. It aims to improve your resources usage and also your customer relationship by providing up-to-date work progress information.

In addition, it helps you to reduce cost, increase your business productivity as well as enhance your customer service. Other than having the general accounting package, Garage Management System also includes the following features:

  1. Work Scheduling
  2. Billing Details
  3. General Accounting Package
  4. Automatic Purchase Order
  5. Stock Control
  1. Vehicle Service History
  2. Service Reminder
  3. Booking Module
  4. Counter Sale Module
  5. Payroll Module to control and process employee wages

From RM 3149
Price not inclusive of setup and installation charges.

If you have any special requirements for BMO POS System with Car Workshop Management System, please do not hesitate to contact us and share with us. We are not only selling the POS software but we are also the developer of the POS software and hardware.

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Adding New Vehicle Information

POS Car Workshop Setup

  1. Adding a new vehicle information into the system.
  2. Insert the new vehicle information into the textbox.

POS Car Workshop Setup

  1. Example is, insert the new car picture as you wish.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

POS Car Workshop CRM Setup

  1. Choose ‘CRM’ from the Main BMO Interface

POS Car Workshop CRM Setup

After inserting the task, we can then insert the service history for each customer after the service.

  1. Insert the customer detail under the “New Service History” when they come to service each time.

POS Car Workshop CRM Setup

  1. For the CRM part , we must create a new task for each customer.
  2. Insert all required information for the task.

POS Car Workshop CRM Setup

  1. When the customer pays, insert the paid amount here.
  2. Save the service history by clicking the “Save As New”.

POS Car Workshop CRM Setup

  1. All the task list will be listed under (CRM > Task List).
  2. You can search the task from date to date on the search function.

POS Car Workshop CRM Setup

  1. After saving the New Service History , we can view back the service history list by CRM > Service History


pos car workshop receivable 01 150

  1. As for the Receivable part, we can create invoice, look for invoice list, Create a new receipt for the invoice, and search back the receipt list.
  2. 1st tab on top is to insert important information for getting the invoice done. On the Extra, Remark, Ship To and Term & Conditions is also must be insert.
  3. 2nd tab below is for search item that need to be insert into the invoice.
  4. Each invoice you must save , Click the save button on the top right.

pos car workshop receivable 01 150

  1. Creating an official receipt under the Receivable > New Receipt.
  2. 1st select the customer name so that the invoice that binds with the customer name will be shown under the task.
  3. Select the Sales Person.
  4. Select the Payment Type.
  5. Check for which invoice that you wanted to make the official receipt , then tick invoice.
  6. Insert the correct Total Pay Amount and then Press save button.

pos car workshop receivable 02 150

  1. You can also search back the invoice list under the Receivable > invoice list.
  2. You can also select the invoice and direct make the payment as a new receipt by clicking the payment button on the top right.

pos car workshop receivable 04 150

  1. You can search back the official receipt list by Receivable > Receipt list.

Extra Options

Debtor Terms

POS Car Workshop Extra Option

  1. Debtor terms is for adding a limited time from when to when. Example : Long Term , Short Term..etc.
  2. Debtor terms will be used for new invoice , as the picture show below.

POS Car Workshop Extra Option

  1. By adding a new invoice , Debtor terms must the selected.

Adding Shipping Method

POS Car Workshop Extra Option

  1. Adding the shipping method. Receivable > Shipping Method.

POS Car Workshop Extra Option

  1. Shipping Method will be use under the new invoice.

Adding a New Vendor Term

POS Car Workshop Extra Option

  1. Adding the new vendor terms.

POS Car Workshop Extra Option

  1. Vendor terms will be use in adding a new vendor and select the terms.