POS System Order Station

POS System Order Station is a convenient tool for businesses such as restaurants and cafe. With a few tweaks, the POS terminal can be setup as an extra order terminal. This will enable waiters and waitresses to append an order at any location. Features for POS order station are as follow:

The POS order station is a multiple station setup, therefore, you will need to implement client and server settings. The client and server setting will enable multiple stations to share the same set of database. Only then all POS station will be referring to the same set of data. Find out more about Client Server POS System and Cloud-based POS System.

If you have any special requirements for BMO POS System Order Station, suitable for F-n-B, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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pos system setup

Restaurant POS System Setup

POS Market has a solution for your restaurant POS System. It includes item sets, shop layout, reservation system and etc.
Restaurant POS System Setup

Client Server

POS Client Server Order Station
The Client Server is a POS System setup that connects several computers (“client”) to 1 server. Multiple users are able to use the POS System at the same time and all data will be recorded instantly.

POS Client Server

Queue Management System

POS Queue Management Order Station
Queue management system is used to control the queue and order of the customers. It generates detailed information of the current queue number and prepares the next customer to receive their service.

Queue Management System

Prepaid Card

POS Prepaid Card Order Station
Prepaid Card allows a more flexible payment method. It records credits for customers so that customers can use it to purchase items using electronic payment.

Membership Prepaid Card

POS Order System Restaurant Layout

pos system order station mobile order tablet
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Example Images of POS Order System Setup

POS Order System Photos

POS Order System Photos

POS Order System Photos

POS Order System Photos

POS Order System Photos

POS Order System Photos

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Making Extra Orders

Our POS System provides a function which allows customers to make extra orders by reopening the receipt. Users can add appended items as long as the customer requests the user to do so.

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View Paid or Unpaid Receipts

Users are able to view the receipt status by clicking on the receipt list. They can check the information details such as date, contact, amount and so on.

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View Receipt Status

Our POS System also provides a filtering function which helps to differentiate the paid and unpaid receipt. Users can easily detect the paid or unpaid receipt, thus creating a better management system.

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View Layout of the Outlet

Users can set the layout for their shop based on their management methods. They can set and change their layout at anytime.