All-in-1 Small Business POS System Start Up Bundles

POS Market POS System is designed to adapt to your small business POS system needs. Our Point of sales system ensures fast and easy transactions for your customers to keep them returning to your store or restaurant.

POS Market is a perfect solution to manage your products in inventory and easily make transactions. POS Market provides POS System for various businesses.

POS Market’s POS System is able to accommodate many branches (nationwide) and view all daily operations in one account. All these can be achieved using our BizCloud Cloud Service.

Businesses Key Functions
Retail Barcode scanner, manufacturer scanner
F&B Set lunch, set dinner, kitchen printers
F&B Order Station Multiple order stations everywhere for waiters
Laundry Weight machine, pickup date & time
Bookstore ISBN numbers, author database
Car Wash Membership, vehicle items inventory
Fresh Market Weight machine with barcode printer
Optical Job sheets to record diagnostic history
Workshop To record vehicle information
Beauty Salon To record employee that perform the tasks for commissions
Pharmacy To record drug expiry date
Mobile POS Work with tablets
Attendance System With finger print reader, option to send data online

If you have any special requirements for BizCloud Point of Sales System, please do not hesitate to contact us and share with us. We are not only selling the POS software but we are also the developer of the POS software and hardware.

KK Leong: +6014 602 8442
JB Office: +607 361 8927
KL Office Line 1: +603 2780 3880
KL Office Line 2: +603 7980 1388
PG Office: +604 642 0621

Small Business POS System Packages

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Optional BizCloud Online Account Price

Currency Malaysia Ringgit (RM) Singapore Dollars (SGD) US Dollars (USD)
POS Station Monthly / Station Pay 1 month Pay 6 Month
(SAVE 20%)
Pay 12 Month
(SAVE 40%)
Monthly / branch Pay 1 month Pay 6 month Pay 12 month Monthly / branch Pay 1 month Pay 6 Month
(SAVE 20%)
Pay 12 month
(SAVE 40%)
1 100.00 100 480 720 36 36 171 257 26 26 123 185

Price (MYR)
Price (SGD) Price (USD) Contact
Offline POS Client
357 256 Person incharge: (KK Leong)
Mobile Number: +6014 602 8442
Malaysia Toll Free: 1800 87 7061
Office Number: +603-2780 3880 or +603-7980 1388(KL) / +604 642 0621 (PG)
/ +607-361 8927 (JB)
Xpress Waiter Android App Compatibility
357 256