To fully utilize our POS system, please feel free to refer to the video guides below.

POS Market Introducing XW POS Global

How to login to POS system & make a sale

How to hide/show set sidebar

How to Create New Item Category

How to Create New Item

How to Create Other Payment

How to Set Up BizCloud POS Client

RM3900 BizCloud POS All in One F&B Bundle

RM2899 BizCloud POS Basic Bundle

How to Set Up Coupon Offline

How to Use Appointment Function

How to Use Item Adjustment Function

BizCloud POS Shift Period

How to Add Credit Card Charges & Set Payment Shortcut Button

BizCloud POS Perform Discount

How to Make Bulk Payment

BizCloud POS Search & Preview Receipt

How to Set Logo for Receipt

How to Create Vehicle List

BizCloud POS LED Display

How to Change GST Setting