At POS Market, we offer a full range of F&B (Food and Beverages) POS solutions to all kinds of restaurant.

POS system is an essential tool for restaurants and cafe. We designed the BMO Restaurant POS System to be versatile and easily configured to suit most restaurant environment. A typical restaurant consist of many components, such as:

pos system beverages

pos system booking
Order Station

pos system cashier

pos system kitchen

pos system layout

pos system membership

pos system order station
Waiters Mobile App

pos system printer
Multiple Printers

pos system queue
Queue management

pos system waiter mobile
Booking Mobile App

F&B Cashier

In a typical restaurant, a cashier is counter for user to make payment. There are many utilization or operation flows such as:

pos system setup bakery cafe

pos system setup bakery cafe

pos system setup bakery cafe

pos system for restaurant make order

  1. Order first, waiter provide ordered list to table, and use it for payment at counter.
  2. On table interactive menu.
  3. Dine in or take out.
  4. Reserve or booking.

From RM 3999
Price not inclusive of setup and installation charges.

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No matter what process flow that you have, a cashier or point of sales is the most essential part of your business where you receive your payment. All reports will be based on the cashier machine too. We are able to generate hundred of reports, plus we are able to customize reports for you, free of charge with conditions applied.

Food and Beverage Order Station

pos system order station mobile order tablet

If your restaurant is big, you have the need to install order station around your restaurant. It is for the ease of your waiter to make order, amend order and even cancel order. Our order station is design to be simple and light.

  1. The order station is an Android tablet with a lock stand.
  2. It is connected WiFi with the cashier POS machine.
  3. Most of the time, when order made in order station, an order list will be printed into the kitchen.
  4. Low cost.
  5. One POS System can work with multiple order stations.

From RM 6149
Price not inclusive of setup and installation charges.

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Order Station Login
Order Station Menu
Order Station Order Screen
Order Station Restaurant Layout
Order Station Order Details
Order Station Search Order

Waiter Mobile App for Order Taking

pos system xpress waiter mobile ordering

Every POS Market system is capable of supporting multiple mobile ordering client, as long as you have the POS system, you can activate the XpressWaiter mobile apps to work with the POS system anytime, then the waiter will use the android application for ordering purposes.

Xpress Waiter Login

Xpress Waiter Setup

Xpress Waiter Menu

Xpress Waiter Order

Queue Management System

If you need to manage queue, display queue numbers, then you can use our queue manager. It is designed to linked to kitchen, once an order made, the order appear in the kitchen and kitchen click to complete the order once done.

POS Customer Queue Management System

Instead of using Table Number format, you can use receipt reference number format.

POS Customer Queue System

POS Kitchen Queue

POS Kitchen Queue Management System

Our POS System supports up to 13 printers. You can place the printers to your dry kitchen, beverages corner, wet kitchen and etc.

POS Kitchen Queue System

Multiple printers

Our POS system support up to 13 printers. You can place the printers to your dry kitchen, beverages corner, wet kitchen and etc.

POS Order System Photos

POS Order System Photos

pos system for restaurant multiple printer thumb

Printer Type Description
Receipt Printer Printer is used to print receipt. If there is no other printer selected, receipt printer will be default.
Item Printer Item printer can be placed in kitchen or drink bar. You can also use it to print items to prepare to the cook.
2nd Item Printer Sometimes, you need more than 1 item printer.
Barcode printer POS system is capable of printing to barcode printer directly.
Report printer If you require the report to be printed to A4 paper, you may want to separate the printer from receipt printers.

Shop Layout

pos system for restaurant shop layout

In a lot of restaurant, tables matter, and the location of tables are different. Many of the restaurant will make order via layout, pay via layout and even reserve from layout. In our layout, we provide many features and easy to use functions. We know that the restaurant waiters will be very busy, so a reliable system is very important.


POS Prepaid Card Order Station

There are many kinds of membership system available, we have help many of the restaurant owners out there with our affordable membership system.

  1. Membership with points
  2. Membership with discounts

Booking Mobile App

Coupling with VocoText, we can have your customers to make reservation or booking via mobile apps.

Visit Vocotext Website

Booking Session

Booking Slots

Booking Date

Booking Time

Accounting, Inventory and Sales Report

Other than POS for F&B, we do help our customers to achieve more by providing them
1. Accounting solution
2. Report customization

POS Sales Report

Customer Sales Report

BMO General Ledger

Need SQL Accounting software to improve your business flow? Do have a look on all SQL Accounting modules that benefits your business.

Wireless Paging System

Wireless paging system provides restaurants, cafe, food court, clinic, church and auto shop perfect chance to avoid long waiting lines of customers to eliminate crowding, reduce labor cost and thus to improve efficiency and generate more revenue.

The flexibility of this system will allow user to add additional pager any time.

     Benefit of System

  • No queues
  • Less workload
  • No loud number calling
  • 48 keys, Chinese & English keyboard, easy for uses to operate.
  • Better image
  • Higher revenues

Wireless Paging System

Essential F&B Features

Not only packed with solutions, our POS system have many functions that ease your restaurant operations, such as:


Such as add rice, add spices, no peanuts and etc. You can add additional charges to it too.


Such as set lunch, set dinner


Split Pay
For everyone in the table to pay their own bill

pos system for restaurant category item printer

Printer Split Category
Category item printer for each category, it goes to different printer

pos system for restaurant receipt with status

Dine in, take away


Built-in Reservation
The scheduler will show the reservation, customers name and etc.


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