Point of Sales System Guides

1. How To Register Simple Inventory BMO Account

BMO’s Point of Sales System Malaysia recommends you to set up your online POS system with inventory management module to enhance your offline POS terminal‘s capability to:

  1. Track your products
  2. List out your products from inventory (real-time)
  3. Track inventory quantity accurately
  4. constantly update quantity at hand
  5. Provide inventory restock alert
  6. and many more!

Below is a short tutorial on how to register a simple inventory account with offline POS Terminal.

2. How to Download And Install Offline POS Terminal

Installing point of sales system Malaysia is very simple and easy. Our web based POS system is designed for dynamic retailers in which they can store valuable inventory information, price and cash. It will affect sales forecasts and business plans if the online POS system and offline POS Terminal are configured inappropriately.

Below are the simple steps on how to download and install offline POS Terminal via POS Market website.

How to Install Offline POS Terminal Malaysia Quick Guide

Have you ever wondered how many of offline POS terminals in the market are easily to be installed, managed and utilised?

In fact, it is very easy and simple to install our offline POS terminal. It can eliminate your employees’ difficulties and the amount of time taken in setting up the POS system.

Our POS system comes with both online POS system and offline POS terminal, so it is an added advantage to your business. The system is designed in such a way to cater for retailers needs in which it can help them to store valuable inventory information.

It is crucial to have a reliable POS system as it may help you in sales forecasting and marketing plan for your business.

POS System Version 251429 Change Log

What’s new in BMO offline POS client version 251429?

  1. New
  • add: removed some extra overhead to improve general speed when logging in
  • add: RFID pay window can now be resized
  • add: alert can now be filtered and printed
  • add: item options can now be group by category
  • add: contacts name can now have duplicates if pos is strictly offline
  • add: contacts mobile no are now unique
  • add: 80mm item sales report can now be viewed in xpresswaiter
  1. Bug Fix
  • bug fix: fixed some display problem when viewing report from xpresswaiter
  • bug fix: hides costs when viewing some reports and page when cost
    permission is disabled
  • bug fix: fixed and error when selecting item in a subcategory
  • bug fix: fixed an error when loading inventory
  • bug fix: fixed an error when viewing z-report with voided receipts in
  • bug fix: fixed an error in z-report when receipt number increased in length
  • bug fix: fixed cost permission problems when editing items and switching
    between admin
  • bug fix: fixed an error when manually reuploading ftp reports for KLIA2 mall
  • bug fix: fixed an error when making payment with redemption and prepaid
  • bug fix: grouped menu in table layout expanded
  • bug fix: fixed a deadlock that causes PO list to freeze frequently
  • bug fix: mileage is now updated together when making payments with
    receipt with vehicle attached
  • bug fix: fixed an error in z-report when obtaining starting receipt and
    ending receipt between selected date
  • bug fix: prepaid reset value in runner can now accept decimal values
  • bug fix: when editing item on the fly, starting quantity is now
    defaulted to 0
  • bug fix: fixed problem saving edited admin that prompt ic existed
  • bug fix: fixed an error when viewing 80mm item sales report
  • bug fix: fixed a bug in layout 8 of 80mm receipt that causes unit price
    to still be displayed when items are not categorized

POS System Version 251428 Change Log

What’s new in BMO offline POS client version 251428?

  1. Receipt
  • add: title can now be entered for category discount
  • add: receipts with serials can now be voided if serial control is offline
  1. Kitchen Queue
  • add: kitchen status can now be edited in bulk
  1. Inventory
  • add: PO status can now be populated without sync
  • bug fix: fixed an error when including a newly created category as
    parent category
  1. CRM
  • add: attendance in POS can now accept RFID scanner
  1. Account
  • add: added some restriction checks for close account when cashing out
    from petty cash
  1. Report
  • add: added report upload for KLIA2 mall
  • add: various reports added for PO
  • add: Z-report can now be viewed from XpressWaiter
  • bug fix: general improvement when generating z-report
  1. POS
  • bug fix: when sending email with POS, images are now correctly included
    within its content
  • bug fixed: cannot login via rfid
  • bug fix: appointments can now be opened from POS main screen button
  • bug fix: table booked from events are now correctly automatically
    selected when loading booked appointments

POS System Version 251427 Change Log

What’s new in BMO offline POS client version 251427?

  1. Receipt
  • add: copy current receipt to dummy receipt list
  • add: dummy receipt able to auto print during make payment
  • add: able to print item remark on kitchen item slip
  1. Kitchen Queue
  • add: able to show notification while add new / update receipt
  • add: able to select multiple item to update status
  • add: able to prompt confirmation message while update status to all in progress/ all completed
  • bug fix: item list keep refreshing
  1. Inventory
  • add: options list are now organized in 2 rows instead of 1 for easy access
  • add:inventory list able to show item location
  • bug fix: corrected values of invoice amount and PO amount in PO list
  • bug fix: improve speed of generate category display
  1. CRM
  • add: quotation can now be issued
  • add: able to show alternate email address on contact list
  • add: able to export alternate email address
  • add: contact edit update new grid control
  • add: education background for contact
  • add: implement isms feature to customer locker
  • bug fix: fixed a bug when using prepaid reset
  1. Account
  • add: task list can now be linked to invoice
  1. Report
  • add:receipt detail (inclusive tax) able to show payment types
  1. POS
  • add: reward able to add title and show on remark
  • bug fixed: cannot login via rfid

POS System Version 251425 Change Log

What’s new in BMO offline POS client version 251425?

  1. POS
  • add: number of decimals to display on extra discount can now be customized
  • add: second screen to show item stock remaining
  • add: category purchase limit (1 level)(sub category to be added soon)
  • add: new contact will now be added to drop down immediately without delay
  • add: able to add service by to multiple item
  1. Receipt
  • add: permission added for changing date range of receipt list and petty cash list
  1. Inventory
  • fix bug: improve PO searching speed
  • add: completed PO able to void. All received stock will be return
  1. Report
  • bug fix: GST receipt report rounding issue
  1. Other
  • add: shortcut key-bind added for quick receive

POS System Version 251424 Change Log

What’s new in BMO offline POS client version 251424?

  1. POS
  • add: tax are kept in receipt and deducted from prepaid credit and redemption point
  1. Report
  • bug fix: removed extra transactions in selected item transactions report
  1. Inventory
  • bug fix: fixed error when adding item with square bracket [ ] and single quote
  • add: able to show po with invoice no. and do no.
  • add: able to update invoice no after receive
  1. Other
  • add: able to add item category to multiple item printers at one time