Point of Sales System Guides

1. How To Register Simple Inventory BMO Account

BMO’s Point of Sales System Malaysia recommends you to set up your online POS system with inventory management module to enhance your offline POS terminal‘s capability to:

  1. Track your products
  2. List out your products from inventory (real-time)
  3. Track inventory quantity accurately
  4. constantly update quantity at hand
  5. Provide inventory restock alert
  6. and many more!

Below is a short tutorial on how to register a simple inventory account with offline POS Terminal.

2. How to Download And Install Offline POS Terminal

Installing point of sales system Malaysia is very simple and easy. Our web based POS system is designed for dynamic retailers in which they can store valuable inventory information, price and cash. It will affect sales forecasts and business plans if the online POS system and offline POS Terminal are configured inappropriately.

Below are the simple steps on how to download and install offline POS Terminal via POS Market website.

How to Install Offline POS Terminal Malaysia Quick Guide

Have you ever wondered how many of offline POS terminals in the market are easily to be installed, managed and utilised?

In fact, it is very easy and simple to install our offline POS terminal. It can eliminate your employees’ difficulties and the amount of time taken in setting up the POS system.

Our POS system comes with both online POS system and offline POS terminal, so it is an added advantage to your business. The system is designed in such a way to cater for retailers needs in which it can help them to store valuable inventory information.

It is crucial to have a reliable POS system as it may help you in sales forecasting and marketing plan for your business.

POS System Version 251425 Change Log

What’s new in BMO offline POS client version 251425?

  1. POS
  • add: number of decimals to display on extra discount can now be customized
  • add: second screen to show item stock remaining
  • add: category purchase limit (1 level)(sub category to be added soon)
  • add: new contact will now be added to drop down immediately without delay
  • add: able to add service by to multiple item
  1. Receipt
  • add: permission added for changing date range of receipt list and petty cash list
  1. Inventory
  • fix bug: improve PO searching speed
  • add: completed PO able to void. All received stock will be return
  1. Report
  • bug fix: GST receipt report rounding issue
  1. Other
  • add: shortcut key-bind added for quick receive

POS System Version 251424 Change Log

What’s new in BMO offline POS client version 251424?

  1. POS
  • add: tax are kept in receipt and deducted from prepaid credit and redemption point
  1. Report
  • bug fix: removed extra transactions in selected item transactions report
  1. Inventory
  • bug fix: fixed error when adding item with square bracket [ ] and single quote
  • add: able to show po with invoice no. and do no.
  • add: able to update invoice no after receive
  1. Other
  • add: able to add item category to multiple item printers at one time

POS System Version 251423 Change Log

What’s new in BMO offline POS client version 251423?

  1. Inventory
  • add: vendor payment voucher
  • add: linked vendor bill with vendor payment voucher
  • bug fix: fixed an error when adding category with apostrophe
  • bug fix: clicking buttons will now move the cursor to manufacturer textbox for barcode scanning
  1. Accounting
  • bug fix: fixed an error when printing invoice and unable to display negative rounding
  • bug fix: fixed some alignment problems in invoice layout 2
  1. CRM
  • add: contact list able to instant save the column sequence
  1. Report
  • add: receiving stock report
  • fix bug: impove performance of generate report
  1. Other
  • add: added branch name to email header and content
  • bug fixed: duplicate key error after login pos

POS System Version 251422 Change Log

What’s new in BMO offline POS client version 251422?

  1. POS
  • add: clicking on buttons will now refocus the cursor back to manufacturer code
  • bug fix: prompt error message while redemption or prepaid item is missing during payment
  1. Receipt
  • bug fix:able to void those receipt without payment type
  1. Inventory
  • bug fix: when changing from fix cost to average cost, cost will now be automatically calculated
  • add: search is added when adding items to set
  • bug fix:error prompt up while click new PO
  • add: able to set item as prepaid item or remdemption item at inventory list
  1. Contact
  • add: Export and import to adjust prepaid credit or redeem point.
  1. Report
  • add: branch name is now indicated when sending email report
  • bug fix: rounding amount same with net amount while print invoice
  • add: receive and adjust report add mfgcode

POS System Version 251421 Change Log

What’s new in BMO offline POS client version 251421?

  1. POS
  • add: label for duplicate copy is now added to copies of receipt during order and cash
  • add: admin serving table can now be monitored
  • add: pet section(go setting > system tab > customer type select pet)
  • bug fix:2nd screen able to display member credit nicely for 1366 resolution
  • bug fix: show no price message prompt up while add item by mfgcode error
  • bug fix: petty cash close shift bug
  1. Receipt
  • bug fix: nickname show on receipt correctly
  • bug fix: discount amount show in 2 decimal place
  1. Inventory
  • add: added a new layout for PO
  • bug fix: po unable to edit receive
  • add: barcode able to print nickname
  • add: inventory able to show default price while show single price
  • add: force barcode price setting
  • bug fix: vendor list form sorting bug
  1. Contact
  • add: each customer can now have different prepaid credit reset settings
  • add: during prepaid credit reset, only system credits are removed, customer reloaded credits are retained
  1. Sync
  • bug fix: auto shutdown will no longer be interrupted by sync error, in exchange, sync error will remind on next startup
  1. Report
  • bug fix: report item sales by type correctly displays according to categories selected
  • bug fix: removed extra calculation in opening and closing report
  • bug fix: item sales report show incorrect item sold
  • bug fix: void by date report able to show record
  • bug fix: send report no respond which click send now at email setting
  • bug fix:selected payment type report err
  • add: locker transaction report able to show admin
  • bug fix:sales by tax type do not showing other card type
  1. Other
  • add: print item list able to print price
  • bug fix:setting email auto send bug