Point of Sales System Guides

1. How To Register Simple Inventory BMO Account

BMO’s Point of Sales System Malaysia recommends you to set up your online POS system with inventory management module to enhance your offline POS terminal‘s capability to:

  1. Track your products
  2. List out your products from inventory (real-time)
  3. Track inventory quantity accurately
  4. constantly update quantity at hand
  5. Provide inventory restock alert
  6. and many more!

Below is a short tutorial on how to register a simple inventory account with offline POS Terminal.

2. How to Download And Install Offline POS Terminal

Installing point of sales system Malaysia is very simple and easy. Our web based POS system is designed for dynamic retailers in which they can store valuable inventory information, price and cash. It will affect sales forecasts and business plans if the online POS system and offline POS Terminal are configured inappropriately.

Below are the simple steps on how to download and install offline POS Terminal via POS Market website.

How to Install Offline POS Terminal Malaysia Quick Guide

How to Install Offline POS Terminal Malaysia Quick Guide

Have you ever wondered how many of offline POS terminals in the market are easily to be installed, managed and utilised?

In fact, it is very easy and simple to install our offline POS terminal. It can eliminate your employees’ difficulties and the amount of time taken in setting up the POS system.

Our POS system comes with both online POS system and offline POS terminal, so it is an added advantage to your business. The system is designed in such a way to cater for retailers needs in which it can help them to store valuable inventory information.

It is crucial to have a reliable POS system as it may help you in sales forecasting and marketing plan for your business.

POS System Version 251438 Change Log [Aug 16, 2017]

What’s new in BMO offline POS client version 251438?

  1. New
  • add: each terminal can now have its own receipt running number when shared database in CS version
  • add: price title added as part of remark when ordering from xpress waiter
  • add: stock issue list and stock request list updated, main list can now also be exported
  • add: automatically cash in a set float value after close shift
  • add: z-report, 80mm item sales report and payment types report can now be filtered by terminal
  • add: terminal number added to z-report, 80mm item sales report and payment types report
  • add: appointments in new calendar can now be dragged and resized to update time on the fly
  • add: contact group can now be imported together when importing task list
  • add: synchronization can now resume at point of failure without restart from beginning
  • add: tax code and petty cash notes preset can now be imported when saving main settings if cloud is active
  • add: permission for add/edit invoice and quotation added
  • add: appointment can now be printed as agenda
  • add: appended item now prints item sticker as well for both grouped and single item
  • add: print item sticker can now be directed to multiple item sticker printers
  • add: table number can now be printed in item sticker
  • add: position of columns in advanced item search is now saved
  • add: hourly sales report for 80mm receipt printer added
  • add: discount and extra discount added into main receipt list
  • add: employee photo added to report for individual employee
  • add: new report “Payment Type By Customer” added
  • add: item description added as new column for vendor items
  • add: added new report for daily served pax
  • add: new custom invoice layout added with next service mileage
  • add: items previously ordered will now be marked with *(asterisk) when editing a receipt
  • add: added new report for top sales by customer
  • add: customer aging can now be configured to show when chosen from pos interface
  • add: service by form can now accepts employee badge number from RFID card
  • add: service by form can now auto confirm after each admin
  • add: selection tracker added to contact list and inventory list
  • add: custom ringback tone can be added in the event it cannot be heard when making call using crm
  • add: added indicator to resume dialer when stopped
  • add: auto extra discount no longer given when receipt already have other discounts active
  • add: difference in mileage from vehicle last service added
  • add: added new report for vehicle that has not serviced before a selected date
  • add: added settings for owner to decide whether to allow earning of redeem point of the receipt is paid or partly paid with redemption points
  1. Bug Fix
  • bug fix: fixed a limitation in opening and closing report where only 1200 items can be selected at any given time
  • bug fix: fixed an error when attempting to update or delete empty membership category discount
  • bug fix: fixed an error when opening inventory list after updating from older version
  • bug fix: remarks automatically obtained from price title when old pricing method is used
  • bug fix: quantity correctly updated to correct row for items of same name when old pricing method is used
  • bug fix: fixed problem pointing admin setting to shared folder
  • bug fix: fixed an error when voiding receipt with serial in CS version
  • bug fix: fixed a bug that causes pos to search for appended item for printing when updating receipt without adding item
  • bug fix: fixed problem searching receipt number from main interface
  • bug fix: *cloud* update date of stock issue is updated along with receive to trigger update of offline entry
  • bug fix: removed case sensitive condition when comparing manufacturer code
  • bug fix: fixed bug when selecting opening stock quantity in opening and closing report
  • bug fix: fixed random ‘1’s that appear at the bottom of A4 receipt layout 10
  • bug fix: selected contact no longer resets when changing table
  • bug fix: fixed problem detecting chinese character when selecting contact to issue receipt in CS version
  • bug fix: fixed an error when scanning table name
  • bug fix: fixed a problem when updating remark in receipt tool causes other receipts remark to be affected as well
  • bug fix: fixed an error when attempting to combine receipts without tableattempting to combine receipts without table

POS System Version 251437 Change Log [July 18, 2017]

What’s new in BMO offline POS client version 251437?

  1. New
  • add: customer name can now be included in order sticker
  • add: font size of order sticker can now be customized
  • add: date and time of report GST by Receipt separated into 2 columns
  • add: duplicated serials can now be exported
  • add: permission for open locker added
  • add: gif added as supported file type for screen image on second screen
  • add: invoice can now be generated in bulk with same item list based on contacts selected
  • add: new report that calculate commission based on invoice that are issued OR added
  • add: new report for locker transactions by employee added
  • add: texts in quantity text box is now highlighted upon focus
  • add: the country Burma has been renamed to Myanmar in countries list
  • add: added a new variant report for sales by customer that includes contact number of customer
  • add: added total aging into report Summary With Item Categories
  • add: added remark into report Incomplete Payment Receipt
  • add: kitchen item list can now have customized layout as well, separate from customer item list
  • add: adjustment list can now be filtered by location
  • add: text on order button can now be customized
  • add: compulsory fields for contacts can now be partially customized
  • add: item auto hide from receipt added
  • add: 2 new layouts introduced for official receipt
  1. Bug Fix
  • bug fix: fixed a problem with new price scheme that cannot match quantity over 26 due to decimals
  • bug fix: receipt number duplicate check moved from background thread to part of process in CS version due to printing process execute faster than the process finishes it work
  • bug fix: added new columns information for items to be exported and imported
  • bug fix: fixed a bug that attaches same offline coupon number and crashes if user attempts to continue adding more
  • bug fix: pop up for duplicate serials are now shown once at the end
  • bug fix: fixed broken reports that are generated from contact list
  • bug fix: increase efficiency when generating aging reports from contact list
  • bug fix: coupon adding function will now treat numbers with zero appended in front the same as its non zero appended counterpart
  • bug fix: fixed a bug in all branch based items that causes the system to unable to load cost type
  • bug fix: prevented multiple prepaid and redeem item in a single transaction
  • bug fix: report select item sales transaction history now displays all selected items instead of only the first one selected
  • bug fix: fixed a bug that causes empty list when exporting item from workshop module

POS System Version 251436 Change Log [Jun 23, 2017]

What’s new in BMO offline POS client version 251436?

  1. New
  • add: numeric pad during changing item price on the fly now accepts input from keyboard
  • add: receipt search back allowed for unpaid layout increased from 100 hours to 9999 hours
  • add: receipt list can now be printed
  • add: revamped appointment calendar
  • add: notification sound added for new alerts
  • add: goods exchanged now printed below item name in receipt
  • add: job sheet header is no longer required to print job sheet details
  • add: label NPD in job sheet can now be customized
  • add: table number can now be added to the bottom of a receipt
  • add: added setting to automatically receive item on carriage return during quick receive
  • add: columns of contact export updated to match contact import
  • add: added prepaid and redeem when exporting contact
  • add: contact birth date added when selected at POS interface
  • add: label NETT for A4 receipts can now be customized
  • add: added minimum price/cost in warning for user reference when respective minimum threshold reached
  • add: added more settings to configure behaviour of percent cost
  • add: hourly report added to email schedule
  • add: petty cash details report added to email schedule
  • add: birthday of members displayed when highlighted in POS main interface
  • add: new 80mm item sales report with set details added
  • add: added 80 mm item sales report both with and without set to list of report to print during close shift
  • add: categories for report printed during close shift can be preset in setting
  • add: new item shortcut added when added item supplied by vendor
  • add: added alert and priting for sales threshold
  1. Bug Fix
  • bug fix: setting in barcode printer can now accept unicode characters in CS version
  • bug fix: fixed a bug in item list in new PO that causes the window to closes when menu bar is resized
  • bug fix: invoice list defaulted to today instead of all to improve load time
  • bug fix: fixed misaligned column when exporting receipt
  • bug fix: updated procedure of stock issue receive to follow changes made at cloud
  • bug fix: fixed a bug that deducts only the last item when exchanging more than 1 goods
  • bug fix: fixed a popup that occurs when clicking purchase history in search customer
  • bug fix: correctly redirect user to the respective tab when purchase history is clicked
  • bug fix: optimized receive/adjust report and receive item report
  • bug fix: fixed a bug that causes warning alert for minimum price and cost to skip if one of them is zero
  • bug fix: GST excluded from sales figure of dpulze mall special report
  • bug fix: fixed database connections that are not close that could cause database lockdown
  • bug fix: updated sample of import item date to 1900
  • bug fix: fixed a broken function that causes calculate quantity from receipt issue time to malfunction
  • bug fix: fixed an issue with category print list to always duplicates report printer as well when a category is directed to 80mm receipt printer
  • bug fix: fixed some overflow when generating z-report

POS System Version 251435 Change Log [Jun 2, 2017]

What’s new in BMO offline POS client version 251435?

  1. New
  • add: selectively repopulate onhand is now possible
  • add: admin day view in events will now only display active admins that are assigned to respective branch
  • add: table column added when selecting appointments from main pos interface
  • add: contact automatically chosen according selected appointment after select
  • add: cheque date can now be recorded when making cheque payment
  • add: cheque date can now be modied in payment history list
  • add: other payment types can now be completed with cash on the fly without reloading the receipt
  • add: receive onhand is now possible with csv
  • add: key bind for printing last issued receipt added
  • add: key bind for opening cash drawer added
  • add: added setting for allowing order with zero transaction value
  • add: fully paid receipt with manual clear table setting enabled can now be loaded from shop layout
  • add: preview for receipt added when selecting receipt in job sheet
  • add: receipt no added if available when printing job sheet
  • add: amount in PO detail report split to amount with and without tax
  • add: added permission to disable isms/email menu button
  • add: new layout for 80mm receipt that removes all decimal except tax
  1. Bug Fix
  • bug fix: fixed problem updating offline quantity when changes are made online
  • bug fix: fixed problem downloading images that are updated at cloud
  • bug fix: fixed problem previewing image when creating a new item
  • bug fix: fixed problem downloading a corrupted image from server before actual image propagated to all servers
  • bug fix: fixed a bug that causes admin assign list to save incorrect values in events, and causes incorrect view in day view
  • bug fix: fixed commission calculation mistakes when more than one admin selected
  • bug fix: fixed an error when loading receipt in kitchen queue
  • bug fix: fixed incorrect total value in payment history list when listing receipts with multiple payment types
  • bug fix: fixed a bug that displays all tasks after editing and adding tasks
  • bug fix: fixed problem uploading and downloading tasks to cloud
  • bug fix: date and time format standardized when saved in setting in order to address an error that occurs on some computer
  • bug fix: fixed a problem where voiding PO does not return item
  • bug fix: fixed an exploit that enables completed PO to be edited
  • bug fix: fixed calculation errors in daily item summary report
  • bug fix: fixed a bug that causes category discount to compare only the first entry only
  • bug fix: fixed an xml error when opening reports with “&” in title
  • bug fix: fixed a crash at POS when making set order through xpresswaiter
  • bug fix: sets with different options will no longer be grouped
  • bug fix: position of columns corrected when exporting receipt
  • bug fix: fixed a bug that renders permission for disabling attendance menu button not functioning
  • bug fix: fixed a bug in grouped item options that fails to display price on pole display for same item

POS System Version 251434 Change Log [May 22, 2017]

What’s new in BMO offline POS client version 251434?

  1. New
  • add: print function added to invoice list
  • add: previous week and previous months report can now be sent to designated email
  • add: updated contact selected in sms
  • add: interface of affiliate tool has been updated
  • add: system will now automatically cash if prepaid and redeem is used to fully pay receipt
  • add: combo box payment types in settings are now alphabetically ordered
  • add: assign to added when created new event to allow new admin view
  • add: added location restriction when scanning serial
  • add: serial list now has location indicated for each serial
  • add: added option to remove all discounts if customer choose to pay with redeem points
  • add: customers can now be selectively excluded from collecting redemption points
  • add: admin extra discount limit added
  1. Bug Fix
  • bug fix: fixed an error that causes filter in inventory list to fail when 3 or more categories are selected
  • bug fix: fixed an error when matching manufacturer code that failed to return the correct amount of matched entries
  • bug fix: fixed column arrangements for invoice layout 5
  • bug fix: fixed an error when making payments from xpresswaiter
  • bug fix: numeric pad that appears together when changing price on the fly no longer disappeared to the back
  • bug fix: fixed an error when generating reports with mixed tax type in category sales
  • bug fix: insert by and opened by filter column in receipt list updated to username with check box list
  • bug fix: fixed problem where updated serial information is not updated online
  • bug fix: fixed a bug when selling inter-location adjusted serial and no quantity is deducted
  • bug fix: fixed second pop up confirmation for returning item when voiding a receipt to include a cancel function
  • bug fix: minor bug fix when calculating payment to exclude when calculating redemption points
  • bug fix: added terminal filter to selected reports
  • bug fix: layout type other than table excluded when populating receipt list
  • bug fix: fixed problem that causes empty address during export contact list
  • bug fix: loading speed when selecting item in PO improved
  • bug fix: fixed a bug that causes on hand quantity to cancel out each other when there are 2 locations in a single database
  • bug fix: price change for items within a set no longer allowed
  • bug fix: fixed a bug that causes crash when trying to change quantity with hidden set details
  • bug fix: fixed a crash when user tries to make payment with printed and sms receipt without an sms account