BMO POS system comes with free yet pretical membership system! The membership system is capable of

  1. Join as member, with different member group.
  2. Member discount
  3. Member expiry
  4. Buy items to extend expiry date
  5. Membership data is shared after synchronization for all branches
  6. Point Redemption
  7. Use serial voucher or common voucher with expiry date
  8. Prepaid card with credits

These can be achieved by simple configurations at membership settings page. We provide membership card printing service too.

If you have any special requirements for BMO POS software with Membership System, please do not hesitate to contact us and share with us. We are not only selling the POS software but we are also the developer of the POS software and hardware.
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Join as Member with Different Member Group

Join as a member will get some advantages such as purchase a product with a special discount during promotion and some of the product can only be purchase by registered member only. Normal membership will provide customer to obtain certain amount of discount when purchase item which will attract more customer attention.
membership discount thumb

Member Discount

To provide different discount rate to different type of membership, this will encourage customer to register with higher membership status that will receive more advantages from company. Also to encourage more sales and gain more profit.

Configuration Steps

  1. Click Stock button in the POS main page
  2. Select item that will be discount for membership then click Member tab in the left hand side
  3. Select the membership category that going to receive the discount and specify the amount
  4. Click update to apply the changes

Member Expiry

Deactivate the customer membership status after a certain period, customer will be charged in order to reactivate the membership status. Therefore customer will try to keep their membership status to be active by extend it or through purchase item.


Buy Items to Extend Expiry Date

Alternative way to extend membership status without any charges. Customer membership status will be automatically extended or even reactivate when purchase some item.
To Setup an Item That Will Extend the Expiry Date

  1. Click Stock button in the POS main page
  2. Select item that will apply the setting then click Member tab in the left hand side
  3. Under the recurrence section, select the option for initiate action to Keep membership status activate and also select value for other drop down list.

Share Membership Data by Syncing with Online POS between Branches

Enter the card information like name and Custom Mem. No. The database will sync with our server to avoid duplicated data that might cause data loss while performing synchronization between branches.

Points Redemption

Allow customer to obtain extra point when purchase some product and the point can be used to redeem specific items without having to pay anything.

In our system, we allow you to define amount of point or redeem value can be obtain from every item sold or every order made.There are 4 type of Redeem value

Point The customer will get fixed point regardless amount they spend
Amount The customer will get fixed cash regardless amount they spend
Percentage Customer will get certain percentage of value they spend
Point Ratio Customer will get point according to the ratio define when they spend

Use Serial Voucher or Common Voucher with Expiry Date

Voucher with expiry date will give a restriction to user to use it before the expiry date. By applying deadline to the voucher, it can ensure that the purchase volume from customer will stable or increased from time to time.


Prepaid Card with Credits

Provide convenient to customer where they can make payment with prepaid credit so that the way we serve customer is simplified as we do not need to calculate payment receive and return the balance. It is also a kind of security where customer can purchase item from us by using the card instead of cash.

online membership member cardIf you need member card, you can contact us or visit the page below for more information.

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