Benefits of our Membership Management System

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To create awareness, improve loyalty and increase sales, you can benefit from our comprehensive membership functions. The membership function is designed into the POS system and it is available to multiple branches through BizCloud Cloud implementation.

You can have your membership system offline. However, there are certain circumstances where you have to go online.
For instance:

  1. You have a multiple branches that sharing the same contacts base.
  2. You want a uniform and unique membership number across all branches.
Online Membership System can help you solve the problem by sharing the member number online (online POS System). And you can do modifications via online.

Cost effective

The membership management system is a cost effective marketing tool for your outlets and businesses. Let’s assume you already have our POS Market POS system ready, all you need to do now is to create a membership number for your customer. We provide various forms of support as well as accessories for you to scale and properly leverage the membership system to your benefit.

Membership Cards Printing Types

Your membership cards can be personalised with features such as:
• Double sided printing   • Magnetic strip panels

Payment Info

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Payment Terms 100% payment.
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Membership Card Printing Guidelines

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Member Card 4C Full Color Printing front only (Optional magnetic strip encoding) 4.00 1.00 ORDER NOW
Public Bank Acc. No: 3140 2135 07
Payment Terms: 100% payment.
Delivery: Courier charges apply.
The price is valid for 2 weeks from the date of the quotation.
Front & back (Optional magnetic strip encoding) 5.00 1.30 ORDER NOW
Blank Magnetic Card Measurement: 8.60 cm x 0.07 cm x 5.40 cm
Material: PVC
Colour: White
Working Temperature: 0-40℃
Magnetic Track: 1,2 and 3
3.50 0.90 ORDER NOW

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Membership Management


Membership cards help identify the individual as an exclusive member and gives the option to business owners to decide the various levels of membership and its’ perks. This option can span from Basic Membership up to the Highest Membership usually known as the Platinum Members or any word used to describe.


Collect member data easily through the IC Card Reader feature. We have the IC Card Reader as an optional hardware to be purchased. Use the IC Card Reader feature to easily update profiles with mandatory information as well as further quick verification.


Manage your member data effectively with lists that grow and expand as records are updated. Skip having duplicate data with the record merge function and keep track of member and non member information.


Membership fees help the business provider to pay for the administration and maintenance of the exclusivity of the membership as well as ensuring a more comprehensive plan for this group annually. By having membership fees, you get to collect an amount that can be used to producing updated membership cards and profiles.


Encourage the frequent use of the membership programs by introducing exclusive discounts for members and elite club members. This presents benefits to both yourself and the members for their loyal participation.


Loyalty programs encourage prolonged memberships and ensure membership drives are successful. Loyalty programs can be used to reward members for maintaining their membership through the years and increases the value of each individual.

member card

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Easily share member information across multiple branches in order to expand the benefits for members as well as allow access to participating branches that will help increase profits.


Apply prepaid member credits for business models that allow member credits to be exchanged for services and discounted products. This ensures members participate in collecting credits both earned and purchased for future use.


Encourage membership points accumulation for on-going use. Apply the membership points to discounts, vouchers, redemption and more.


Purchase history helps businesses keep track of your members buying habits. This helps you suggest future products or services to that particular member making them feel appreciated. Tend to each members’ special needs by understanding their purchase pattern.


Vouchers for members are an easy way to encourage sales and introduction to your products or services. These vouchers allow members to enjoy the discounts or share the vouchers to non-members opening up a whole new market to future customers.


Another option in the membership system is to introduce expiry dates that will drive fee collection, updating data and budgeting for member programs and benefits.

Loyalty Program

Your store wants to reward your loyal customers. The BizCloud POS system helps your store to keep track on your customer’s spending, points and identify the customer’s member ranking. The loyalty program is a built-in function inside POS system.

  1. Collect points from purchase
  2. Use the point to buy
  3. Different item provide different points
  4. Member cards with prepaid credit or points

Collect Points From Purchase

This system allows you to define the property of stock to be able to reload the redeemable value based on associated affiliate model.

You just need to check the Redeemable checkbox in stock property and assign a affiliate model to it. So that customers who makes a purchase on an item with redeemable property will be able to reload their redeemable value.

Diagram beside shows that the redeemable value reloaded after purchasing some item with redeemable property.


Different Item Provides Different Points

As we mentioned above, the rule where stock reload redeemable value is based on the affiliate model associated to it.
You can define the affiliate model in the stock interface. There are 4 type of reload property can be defined:

  1. Point: Customer will get fixed point regardless amount they spend
  2. Amount: Customer will get fixed cash regardless amount they spend
  3. Percentage: Customer will get certain percentage of value they spend
  4. Point Ratio: Customer will get point according to the ratio define when they spend

Use the Point to Buy

Instead of making payment by cash or cheque, you allow your customer to use their collected redeemable value to make payment.

Click on the Other button and choose Redeem follow by the amount to pay.

Member Card with Prepaid Credit or Points

In addition to the functions above, POS system also provide function to make payment by prepaid credit as well. There are a few steps involved before you can achieve this:

  1. Define item with some reload credit value.
  2. Buy the item to reload prepaid credit to customer.

After that you can choose to make payment by prepaid credit from Other button.
As an added feature for your consideration, our POS system is able to handle businesses that involves membership system and prepaid card payment.


new contact 1
  1. New contact
    1. To add new customer
    2. To store customer details
    3. Details can be saved or updated
new contact 2
  1. Go to Contact > New Contact
  2. Enter Details > Save

Membership Category

create category 1
create category 2
  1. Create category
    1. Create category for membership
    2. Set discount based on quantity purchasing or item category
    3. Go to Contact > Contact List > Membership > Membership Category
set contact with membership category
  1. Set contact with membership category
    1. To determine member category
    2. To enable discount

Transaction with Discount

select item
  1. Select item
    1. Select item with discounted price
    2. Auto select discounted price
automated result
  1. Automated result
    1. Show price after discount
    2. Auto calculate total
receipt with discount price
  1. Receipt with discount price
    1. Preview details before and after discount price

Membership Purchasing History

purchase history contact
  1. Purchase History Contact
    1. Show customer purchase history
    2. Show list number of receipts
purhase reports 1

purhase reports 2
purhase reports 3
  1. Purhase Reports
    1. Sales by Customer Report
    2. Customer with Total Sales Report

Auto Membership Discount

setting 1
setting 2
  1. Setting
    1. Go to System > POS Setting > Rewards
    2. Set Reward
    3. Available for both member / non-member
    4. Minimum quantity or sales
  1. Discount
    1. Select contact > Select Item > discount applieds


report 1
report 2
  1. Report
    1. Go to Receipt > Report > Item Sales > Item Sales Report by Member category
    2. Report can be save as pdf / csv