POS System Kitchen Queue Management System is a technology-advanced tool for businesses such as restaurants, fast food outlets and cafes. Kitchen Queue Management System brings convenience to food outlets as it boosts employees’ performances as well as speeds up systematic management system. Benefits of POS System Kitchen Queue Management are as follow:

  1. Managers can view ordered food
  2. Chefs and cooks can keep track of food preparations
  3. Chefs can prepare food on first-come-first-serve basis
  1. Waiters can keep an eye on ready dishes to be served
  2. Able to view other list of orders with just one touch/click
  3. Able to control and track all statuses
The POS Kitchen Queue Management System is a multiple station setup, therefore, you will need to implement client and server settings. The client and server setting will enable multiple stations to share the same set of database. Only then all POS station will be referring to the same set of data. Read about client server setup HERE, read about cloud based setup HERE.
pos system setup
POS Market has a solution for your restaurant POS System. It includes item sets, shop layout, reservation system and etc.
Restaurant POS System Setup

Kitchen Queue Management Display Placement

Kitchen Queue Management System

Kitchen Queue Management Features

Kitchen Queue Management System

The user can select the particular date to view receipt/ order made on that particular date. After every input, the user should click refresh to view updated data.

Kitchen Queue Management System

When a dish is being prepared, the user should select the current status manually. Statuses include: ‘In progress’,’All in progress’,’Completed’,’All completed’,’In queue’,’Reject’ and ‘Not available’.
‘No Status’: the item in the receipt has not been prepared.
Kitchen Queue Management System
‘1 completed’: ONE item on the particular list has completed and ready to be served
‘3 other’: THREE more ordered items to be prepared
‘All completed’: EVERY item on the order list/receipt has completed.

Point of Sales Software with Queue Management System

BizCloud Queue Management System comes together with our POS System bundle.

  1. Sharing the same database with multiple computer
  2. Random Receipt Number Display

You may setup your queue management system as below:

  1. POS Software and Queue Management System in one PC
  2. Queue Management System Terminal
  3. Queue Display

If you have any special requirements for BizCloud POS System Kitchen Queue Management System, suitable for F-n-B, please do not hesitate to contact us and share with us. We are not only selling the POS software but we are also the developer of the POS software and hardware.

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Sharing Same Database with Multiple Computer

Our BizCloud POS System with Queue Management System allows multiple location setup and sharing just one database. Using this function, you may avoid cases such as duplicated receipt. Then, you can display the queue concurrently and get proper profit of your sales. This makes our POS software easy to use and efficient, instead of viewing different sets of report from different POS terminal.


POS Software + Queue Management System in one PC

When login to your offline POS System, you are allowed to directly select which number to be displayed in the queue via the POS Client main dashboard. This method allows you to serve your customers faster instead of login separately to the Queue Manager terminal to display the queue.

Random Display Receipt Number

Similar to take a number system you normally encounter, our POS System with Queue Management System allows you to randomly select the receipt number from the list or enter the receipt number to display.


Queue Management System Terminal

You can setup the POS System with the Queue Management System Terminal as standalone software just to manage the queue system only.


Queue Display

For this queue display, we are suggest you to setup another POS System just to display the Queue System. Our Queue System will display 3 latest queue number and the number will be updated from time to time.