Employee Commission System

Free with point of sales software

Keeping your staff motivated is critical, and nothing can be more motivational than potential monetary gain. Calculating employee commission is so much easy with our simple POS Software. BizCloud POS system, the leading POS provider has equipped with the integrated commission scheme to ease your business operation. This employee commission pos system is suitable for various businesses especially beauty salon.



Online POS System

  1. Login to POS online solution account, and then create the employee online.
  2. Sync the employee to your offline all in one POS system.
Offline POS System.

  1. Login to human resource management screen in your Offline POS System and modify the employee.
  2. You can enter information, and edit detail about the employee.

“Service by” Commission Scheme

Our enterprise POS System Malaysia will accept one level of commission based on the percentage of the item value. For instance, the employee is defined to get 5% of value of the item the served. So, if the item is RM100, the commission will be RM5. You can set the commission level and change it anytime from your Offline POS System or Online POS System Account. This commission system is also applicable for beauty salon POS system whereby you can set which shampoo girl to receive a certain percentage of commission after servicing a customer.

Once you have setup the commission level, you can attach sales person name to the invoice.

  1. While opening receipt, select an item from the menu
  2. Select salesperson under “service by” category
  3. Salesperson’s name will be displayed/ printed on the receipt
  4. You can view the commission report by clicking the report button at receipt list
  5. The report is exportable to CSV format for Microsoft Excel use or further analysis

There is only 1 level of employee commission scheme available at this moment. Tell us what you want, so we can include them in your POS terminal Malaysia too!

employee commission service by
Entering “Service by”
service by display in receipt
Receipt with “Service by”
pos system commission report
Service by report with commission