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CRM and CRM Installer

/CRM and CRM Installer
CRM and CRM Installer 2017-10-11T09:17:20+00:00

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is created to benefit businesses of all sizes, SOHO, Small-Medium Enterprises and even industrial businesses. CRM Software makes it easy for you to manage your sales and information whenever you sell your products.

With CRM Software, you are able to continue your job within the application whenever you are away from your office or with no access to an internet connection. This is very convenient for you if you often travel for business or work out of your office.

You can always carry out your usual tasks within the data set without the need of internet connection. Data changes that you have made will be synced to the master database when you reconnect to an online status.

You are able to:

  • create quotes, orders and invoices
  • keep records of clients with detailed contact information
  • keep track of past services
  • set payment and fee reminders
  • track communication records with customers via fax, email, phone calls etc

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

POS Car Workshop CRM Setup

  1. For the CRM part , we must create a new task for each customer.
  2. Insert all required information for the task.

POS Car Workshop CRM Setup

  1. Insert the customer detail under the “New Service History” when they come to service each time.

POS Car Workshop CRM Setup

  1. All the task list will be listed under
    (CRM > Task List).
  2. You can search the task from date to date on the search function.

POS Car Workshop CRM Setup

  1. When the customer pays, insert the paid amount here.
  2. Save the service history by clicking the “Save As New”.