Additional Backup Function

About POS System Additional Backup Function

POS System Additional Backup Function is very useful as it helps you to save space in your system while backing up important data. It is utilized with an 8GB USB Flash Drive, hence your backup data will be portable. You can transfer data from one computer to another. As it serves as an alternative backup storage for important documents, it is the best solution to avoid data loss.

Note: Additional backup function is only available after customers subscribe additional backup license key.



Recommended Hardware

In order to use this Additional Backup function, an 8GB USB Flash Drive is recommended as the external backup drive. The thumbdrive will be provided when you subscribe the Additional Backup function (flash drive is for sale on its own at RM15).

8GB USB Flash Drive Specification

  • Fast Transmission Speed
  • Excellent Quality
  • Easy to transfer files between computers
Additional Backup Function
Additional Backup Function
Additional Backup Function

Price: RM50

– Including Extra Backup Function with Flash Drive

How to use POS Backup Function

Step 1 Open POS Client and go to “Settings” button. This is to make sure that the “Backup” tab is available. Refer to “Backup Tab” screenshot.
Step 2 Close the window to go back POS Client Login Interface. Click on “Activated” button. You will see your Serial Number. Send us this serial number so that we are able to activate this additional backup function for you. Refer to “Activation Number” screenshot.
Step 3 You will be informed when the Serial Number has been activated.
Step 4 Go back to the “Backup” Tab. Connect Mobiweb 8GB Flash Drive to your computer.
Step 5 Click on the button (highlighted in blue) under “Extra Backup Folder” and select the port connected with Mobiweb 8GB Flash Drive. Refer to “Select Backup Folder” screenshot.
Step 6 Once the folder is selected, click on “Save” on the top left corner and then click on “Backup Now” to backup your data into the Flash Drive. Refer to “Save Copy in USB” screenshot.
Step 7 Go to your “Computer” to check if the backup folder has been saved. Refer to “Backup File Saved” screenshot.
Additional Backup Function

Backup Tab

Additional Backup Function

Activation Number

Additional Backup Function

Select Backup Folder

Additional Backup Function

Save Copy in USB

Additional Backup Function

Backup File Saved

Recommended Payment Method

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